5 Social networking sites we used to have before Facebook

Youngsters might think that Facebook is the only social networking sites in the world, not knowing that before Facebook, many social networking sites come and go. In other words, it might be a matter of time before Facebook become one of those sites.

If you’re too young to know about those sites, here are a few that your parents or elder siblings used to have!

We were then convinced that Friendster will last forever. Talks in school usually comprised one of these sentences: “Eh, you haven’t written a testimonial for me leh.” People who have not used Friendster before will be confused what this meant; people who have Friendster would now wonder why testimonials seem so important.


While not exactly a social networking site, it was the “to-go” place for everyone, because having a blog was then the trend. Even if you can’t construct sentences coherently, you just type something, because people would tend to ask you what your blogspot was.

This is a hybrid between Friendster and blogspot: you have a blog and you have a social networking profile. With this combination, they effectively take a slice of the market share—that is, before Facebook came in and kill off all competitors.

Are you thinking of a song when you see this? “One two three four, hi-five!” Well, it isn’t one. It’s a website much like Friendster. I don’t have much memory of this, and I’m sure most of us don’t, but we just know we have a Hi5—for what, we don’t know.

One of the pioneers of social networking sites and owned by Justin Timberlake, this is one site that is still active but is aging badly. Despite that, it is still going strong, but when giants like Facebook and Google+ are fighting for the same slice of the pie, Myspace should not get much space online soon.