5 steps to recover from a break-up—not easy, but effective

The heart is a complex and fragile mechanism. Once broken, it can only get defensive and afraid. Here are five simple steps to aid the recovery.

Let go.
Throw away the past that hurts. Crumple things that no longer matter. Stop holding on. I know it can be memorable, but just learn to let go. Let it fly away to a land beyond your reach. Let it cruise through the ocean and sink into the abyss. Let it be retrievable only when you know you can handle it.

Remember the lessons.
There is nothing left except a stronger you, a better you. You don’t have to bathe in tears or suffocate under the blankets anymore. You smile now, because you have grown and matured. The lessons were taught, and you have learnt. Do not allow yourself to repeat the mistakes.

Let your guard down.
Let down your walls of defence down. You don’t have to do it all at one go. Take your time and do it slowly in baby steps. Peel your defences away, layer by layer. You should be confident enough to differentiate the good from the bad by now. Trust yourself and step into that social circle again. It could be the remedy that have been eluding you.

Do not overthink.
Your thoughts can wander imaginatively, but do not overthink. Ask when in doubt, because that is the only way to get answers. If need to, just spend ten minutes devoted to let your imagination wander, and spend the rest of your time thinking about other things.

Be alone, not lonely.
Be alone, not lonely- there is a stark difference. Independence will help you get through the day and it will prove to be useful even after you’ve found the right one. Learn to feel comfortable with yourself.

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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