5 stupid reasons for breakup

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Not wanting to breakup
This couple broke up because the girlfriend felt that the boyfriend was not putting enough effort in their relationship. It was a few months later that the boyfriend received a call from this ex-girlfriend as she wanted to get back together. Her reasoning for the break up was because she thought he would put up a fight. In conclusion, she wanted to break up because she didn’t want to break up.
I think that in this case, the girlfriend was insecure about the relationship, thus she needed a break. However, she could have done it in a much better method.

Facebook status
A couple broke up because the boyfriend refused to change his Facebook status to “in a relationship”.
My reaction to this story is “WHAT”. I have read some pretty unbelievable stories, but this one is just ridiculous. Not everything revolves around Facebook. This girl deserves to have no boyfriend.

This couple broke up because the girlfriend eats the peas one at a time. She also ate corns one kernel at a time.
I empathise with the boyfriend for this. I can barely stand people eating one popcorn at a time. I wouldn’t say that the girlfriend deserves the breakup, but I can totally see why the breakup happened.

A couple broke up because the boyfriend looked at the girl one day and realised that she looked like a male celebrity. They separated because the boyfriend couldn’t “unsee” it.
All I can say is that, what a shallow person… How can you break up with someone who looks like a celebrity? You should be proud of your partner, regardless of how he or she looks.

This couple broke up because the girlfriend walked too slow. The boyfriend would be crossing the road and the girlfriend was like around the corner.
I think that men need to understand that females tend to walk slower. Try and match her pace. Unless the girlfriend walks at like a kilometre an hour, there is no reason not to slow down and take a nice stroll together. What a lazy excuse.

There are a lot of stupid reasons why people breakup. These are just a few of the crazy ideas. I can only say that you should appreciate your boyfriends and girlfriends, especially if you have been through tough times together. After all, if people can breakup over stupid reasons, the situations that make your relationship stronger is something that should be celebrated. Please be considerate to the other party and not breakup over minor matters, since it also shows how shallow you are.

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