5 things all girlfriends should know about boyfriends in NS


Last Updated on 2016-11-15 , 10:36 am

We’ve all heard stories about “兵变”, and how one party, be it the boyfriend or girlfriend, is not understanding enough. Well, enough of that—maybe all girls should know these five things, so that they can be more understanding while their boyfriends are in the army.

The reason why the boyfriend is tired even during the weekends
Usually, only girls who have yet to work full-time would not understand this. Here’s the brief idea: work, or training, during the weekdays are extremely tiring, and weekends are the only days for them to rest. And rest doesn’t mean watching a movie or going on a shopping spree—it means just doing absolutely nothing, or catching up on sleep. It’s not that they’ve become disinterested—they’ve just carried their fatigue over.

 The reason why the boyfriend is spending time with his “brothers” more
So, a weekend comprise Saturday and Sunday, and a girlfriend wants both days with the boyfriend. Relax, chill and think about this: during weekdays, every hour is spent on training. Time has become so limited that he either loses his friends or you. So, he split this time accordingly. Why get angry over that? A man without friends is nothing, right?

The reason why the boyfriend is talking about NS stuff more
Because it’s a culture shock—he’s learning new things every day. Yes, to a girlfriend, it might be boring, but it’s everything to the boyfriend. Remember: the girlfriend does talk about make-up to the boyfriend often as well. Why can’t he do the same thing?

The reason why the boyfriend is obsessed with fitness all of a sudden
Isn’t that good? But if the girlfriend’s interest is in make-up and clothes, here’s the reason why he’s suddenly wanted to go for a run every morning: passing a physical fitness test is compulsory as an NSF, so he’ll take whatever time he has to exercise. I don’t know about you, but this is a good problem with a good solution: the girlfriend can just exercise with him!

The reason why the boyfriend suddenly become so moody
NS isn’t a walk in a park—it’s both physically and mentally draining, so much so that there are counsellors specially for soldiers. The girlfriend can do her part by supporting him and making him happy, instead of complaining about his moodiness.


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