5 Things You didn’t know You could Save Money on, if You Purchase Online

A requisite of Singapore’s ‘kiasu’ culture is staying triumphant in every aspect of one’s being, and that includes saving money. When it comes to shopping or anything that involves spending money, Singaporeans are quick to highlight innovative ways to save more money. We are clever creatures, really.

Turns out, however, that there are just some items that are too difficult or near impossible to save precious money from. They could be necessities that you’ll never run away from or luxury items where discounts are unheard of. Here at ShopBack, we don’t believe these words can ever be strung together: “I can’t that any cheaper”. Even during GSS, some items sold in the malls aren’t subjected to any kind of promotion, leaving our heads turned to the online sphere for help instead. Thus, let us school you on some items that are thought to be at fixed price but according to us, are actually discountable.

1. Apple products


Apple products, not the fruit itself (there’s no reason to beg for discounts if you’re purchasing apples by itself!). Apple products are infamous for their stable, unimpinging price. Thus, simply blow out the light of your hopeful candle that prays for discounted Apple products because it’s never going to happen. Until now.

At Lazada, you’ll be able to discover Apple products of every kind, at various prices. As a retailer as well as a marketplace of electronics, discovering Apple products being sold in Lazada isn’t something surprising at all. Thing is, the same Apple product may be sold at differing prices – which means you can take your pick from the cheapest Apple seller.

At the same time, ShopBack aids to deepen the discount through Cashback. You’ll be able to earn 4% (for new customers) or 2.5% (for existing customers) Cashback with whatever electronics you’ve bought!

2. Movies


Did you know that you can even save some money when you’re out watching a movie at any Cathay Cineplexes theatre? Basically, movies that you’re watching in Cineleisure, The Cathay, AMK Hub, Causeway Point and other Cathay Cineplexes can earn you Cashback from ShopBack.

For those film fanatics, I bet you’d be watching a minimum of 15 films in a year, which is 15 wasted opportunities of cashing in on some legit Cashback.

Earn Cashback on your cinema trips here!

3. Transport


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With private-hire transport companies like Uber a viable option for local travel, Singaporeans have now been given a cheaper mode of transport. It’s so much cheaper than public taxis (most of the time) and their service is constantly top-notched. However, at ShopBack, we are never satisfied (no matter how cheap it is) and the result of that infallible attitude is the exclusive access to earning Cashback when you ride with Uber. Hurray!

Earn $15.00 Cashback for your first Uber ride and $0.50 Cashback for your subsequent rides!

4. Luxury Items


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Designer clothes, luxury bags, and the likes may be pretty and the bragging rights that comes as a requisite is satisfying – unlike the price tag. The prices of luxury items, however, only start with a three-digit number and the range can go as far up as five-digits. With that, it’s only natural that the average shopper does not splurge on branded items too often.

With ShopBack’s involvement in your purchases, however, perhaps the heartache from parting ways with your cash wouldn’t be too painful to bear.

Shop at the premium section that houses luxury brands like Reebonz and Shopbop and earn up to 8.0% Cashback!

5. Air-Conditioning Services


Pretty surprising, isn’t it? Yes, truth is, you can actually save some money if you’re periodically required to engage the handyman for air-conditioning services! Simply head over to Groupon after clicking through ShopBack’s portal and you’ll be able to find a deal for such services. How much will you save you ask? It’s money saved in the form of Cashback, actually. 5.0% Cashback!

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See, there are actually many things that you can save on. From movies, transport, and shopping, you can be the true kiasu Singaporean! Simply sign up for a quick account with ShopBack here, and you’re on your way!

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