5 things NOT to give for Valentine’s Day

We have had plenty of articles providing great ideas on what you can do or give during Valentine’s Day. Here is a list of things you should avoid to ensure a smooth February 14th.

Do NOT buy clothes as gifts
This is especially for guys who are not sure of their girlfriend’s size. The last thing you want is for her to feel insecure about her weight when you give her a top or pants that is one size too tight.

Avoid Chocolate Gifts
Yes, chocolates are cliché and just because they come in heart shaped packaging doesn’t make it any more special. You can get chocolates anywhere, anytime of the year.
Note: I used the term ‘avoid’ because as much as I feel it’s a lame and corny gift to give during Valentine’s Day, chocolate gifts can be a real lifesaver in the unlikely event you forgotten to get a gift! It’s cheap and you can pretty much get it anywhere.

Do NOT buy perfumes as gifts
Many cultures around the world believe that giving perfumes, as gifts to your partner will lead to a relationship break up.  Some say that if you present a bottle of perfume to your partner, you simply think that he or she has body odour.
Well, superstitious belief aside, everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to fragrance. What may smell like heaven to you may be repulsive to others. So its best for perfumes to remain a personal purchase instead of a gift.

Do NOT buy Matching Couple T-Shirts
There are many cute matching couples t-shirts around in the market and while its cute and romantic, these things are best decided and purchased together as a couple. Getting matching t-shirts without your partner’s knowledge could portray you as being overly attached and obsessive, which is bad especially in newly formed relationships.
Not all matching items are bad though. Go for less obvious displays such as watches, pendants or even one of those custom mobile phone covers.

Do NOT get men’s accessories
Lastly for the ladies, do not waste your money getting accessories like a tie, wallets or belts for your man. Chances are he couldn’t care less on what he puts around his waist or around his neck. And as long as stuff is not falling out of his wallet, and the belt is still holding his trousers up, he probably would use them till the leather rots.
Stop trying to change his wardrobe or his fashion sense to suit your preference. Unless of course, you are dating a metrosexual man who cares about the label of his accessories, then by all means.

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