5 things you probably didn’t know about myCK Department Store

If you live in Singapore and want to buy the cheapest deodorant, where would you go? NTUC FairPrice? Giant? Or even Watsons?

If it had been ten years ago, you would most likely say one of the above listed. After all, they were the only options and they were everywhere. Most importantly, they stock an array of choices and their prices were competitive. But not anymore. In recent years, if you need to buy stuff like deodorant, toothpaste or even a new T-shirt, you’ll have one more choice: myCK Department Store. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, then this logo should:

ck logo

Yes, you’ve been to one outlet before, and some of us have made it a point to get all our household essentials there. After all, if you bother to do a price comparison, you’ll know that their items are sold at such a low price that almost put supermarket chains to shame. But do you know that this CK is the CK that used to be in Chinatown? You know, that Chinatown CK that parents used to bring their kids there for their CNY clothings? Here are some amazing facts about this surprising well-received but apparently (at least comparing to other retailers) less publicity store!

1. They have 18 outlets, and almost all are in the heartland
Other than the two outlets in town, all their outlets are within HDB estates. In other words, they’re going the heartland route—one that, interesting, seems to be a route that some supermarkets are moving away from. Remember all certain “Xtra” supermarkets that seem to pop up every year?

2. They sell the cheapest household essentials
No one needs to do an experiment to confirm that. I mean, if you’ve been to any myCK outlet, you’ll know the difference. Some items could be more than 50% cheaper than other retailers, or on par with online retailers. Now, that’s a big pull. Singaporeans like one thing best, after all: discount.

3. Their POS is one of the fastest
Imagine this: the person in front of you is using NETS to pay for his or her stuff. It’s just logical for the POS machine to process and approve the payment before your turn, right?
Well, not in myCK. If the person in front of you is paying via a card, the cashier will gesture you forward and start scanning your items. A few seconds later, he or she will then pass the card and receipt to the previous customer when the POS has dialed and approved the payment.
That’s only a few seconds shed, but it’s a lot of seconds when we look at how many people are paying with cards. Trust me, queuing up in CK is not as bad as queuing up in Giant.

4. This is the CK that has a mega outlet in Chinatown
You know that mega-outlet in Chinatown that is well-known for its clothings? Yeah, it is the expansion of that. If you remember that CK as selling lots of clothings much like a discount Robinsons, it’s no surprise: myCK outlets are still selling clothings, too. It’s just that their household essentials seem to be more attractive nowadays. Sort of like how POPULAR sells books, is called POPULAR Bookstores but we all mostly buy stationary or assessment books from them.

5. They have their own house brand
House brands are brands that are made by the retailers themselves, and most major retail chains like NTUC and Giant (theirs are called “Choice”) have it. As it cut the intermediaries, they are usually priced lower. And myCK—of course they’ve theirs, too. And when their prices for other brands are already so competitive, you’ll go crazy when you see their house brand items.


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