5 things you shouldn’t do with display phones in Singtel shop


Last Updated on 2017-05-17 , 6:32 pm

The world has now changed: no longer do we just check out our friend’s phone, realize how cool it is and then decide to get it. Nowadays, we based our choices on either YouTube reviews or website reviews, and if that is not enough, we can touch and try the phone physically without a sales assistant telling you what you should and should not do in authorized telecom shops.

Eh…actually, it’s good for a sales assistant to advise you on what you should not do. And what should you not do? Well, these are the five things that you shouldn’t do with display phones in shops:

Taking pictures of yourself and not deleting them
One of the needs (yes, it’s a need, not a want!) of a phone for some people is that it MUST take good images of themselves and their meals. And so, some jokers decide to do so—and didn’t delete them after that. Not that it’s dangerous, but with the Internet, it sure will end up in several other people’s phone. Or as the wallpaper of that display set.

Logging into your social networking accounts
…and not logging out. It’s so common: we would definitely need to log in to Facebook should we buy that phone, and it’s therefore imperative for us to have a feel of how it looks on a new phone. And…the rest is history. If you’ve done so before, either you change your password now or go back to the shop and log your account out. But actually, you’ve made this mistake, you’ll most likely do the latter.

Try sending a message to yourself
You want to try out the keyboard, and so, you type a very long message and try sending it to your phone. It doesn’t matter whether you manage to send; it’ll be saved as a draft, and if you’re an attractive young lady, the guy who has been stalking you will be calling you later. Or messaging you.

Hitting the phone to check its durability
I feel you. If you really want to do that, just make sure the sales assistant isn’t looking. If he is, just say this: “Bro, because there’s no indication of whether this is a Sapphire or Gorilla Glass, so I’ve to do this.” Because if you can’t convince, you confuse. And hope that the sales assistant just know the difference between iPhone and Android, and nothing about Sarpinos Pizza or Godzilla.


Telling the sales assistant that it’s not working
You take one display set and realize that it’s so light that it’s love at first touch. You try the phone only to realize that there’s nothing on the screen. You gesture for the sales assistant and tell him about your problem. He’ll say shakily, “Oh, it’s a dummy set to give you a feel of the shape and size of the phone.” Do yourself a favour and just walk off.

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