5 things to do during your between-lessons loooooong breaks for under $10!

Have you ever been in this situation: your morning class ends at 10.30am, but your afternoon classes only starts from 2.30pm. Then how? I believe primary and secondary school students aside, most of you actually do have long hour breaks in school where you have nothing to do right?

Especially for undergraduates like me, we sometimes have nowhere to go but hang out at the school libraries to catch a short nap, and sometimes we are just plain lazy. But it never has to be so; you can choose to spend a fulfilling day ahead while making full use of your breaks! Here are some cheap and exciting ideas that you might not have thought about:

1. Catch a movie at student price

Catch the latest blockbuster from your nearest cinema if the show times fit your schedule! Why? Because student price discounts (ranging from $6-$7.50) are always more worth it then any other categories – be it the credit card discount, or the membership discount.

That’d be easily 2 hours your time gone! It’d be so much more fulfilling than spending 2 hours of your time sleeping in the library… of course, if you really want to catch a nap, the cinema is still a better choice!

2. Grab a meal for student price

Have you read the list of top student deals in Singapore that we have posted recently (5 restaurant student meals in Singapore that cost only about $10 per person!)? If you haven’t, do have a look at it!

There are so many different eateries and restaurants promoting student deals in the afternoon. Some even offer whole-day student deals such that no matter what time your long break is, you’d get to enjoy the offer.

Sick of school food? It’s time to get out of the boring canteens that you go to every day!

3. Go for some happy hour singing session

If your long break is in the afternoon, grab a few friends, then try booking Teoheng’s room for some karaoke session! Do check out the list of the top cheapest KTVs in Singapore that we have compiled too!

For as low as $5, you get to spend 90% of your break time singing! Just remember don’t get a sore throat a day before those presentations.

4. Go for a game of bowling, pool or arcade

I’m sure most of your schools are near a SAFRA outlet, or a SuperBowl outlet. If you  are not interested in just lazy around doing entertaining stuff like watching a movie or singing karoke, then you can get your body moving by going down to do some sports!

Choose from a wide range of sports that you can complete within that 3-hour breaks of yours. From swimming, to bowling, to pool or even playing the basketball game at the arcade – it’s still a form of work out. Waste no time and start your healthy living today!

5. Ice-skating time

Last but not least, do check out the promotion that the ice-skating rink, The Rink at JCube has for the year! From skating with a friend for free during your birthday month to free ice-skating admission for students and staff during different months!

May: All Polytechnics and ITEs
July: All Primary Schools
August: All Secondary Schools
September: All local Universities, JC & MI

There’s a chance for all, unless you are from Polytechnics and ITEs then you might have already missed the chance! But for the rest, it’s still not late to know now!

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