5 things to do so that you can resign gracefully


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

It is inevitable to meet nasty bosses throughout your careers but well, there are also good ones around who really takes care of you and guide you through, building your professionalism. Normally if you just couldn’t stand your boss anymore, the best way is to tender your resignation. Usually the notice period is the hardest period to go through because the nasty people will get worse, you will hear all kinds of accusation, criticism and other kinds of nonsensical stuff from them. Here are some of the ways to cope during this tough period:

1. DO NOT frown or look sad in front of them (applicable to those who quit without a job) – Let them know that this is only a transition period and make them realize that it is their loss for losing you. Trust me, in their minds they will be thinking constantly, worrying if you are joining a competitor. Smile to them as usual or even more. Talk to your colleagues about it gracefully and tell them how much you are going to miss them even when you are not.  Part on good grounds. For those who backstab you, tell them how much you “appreciate” their teachings

2. Some bosses will start to criticize you, saying that “Oh I am glad that you realized that you are not a good fit and your competence level is not up to standard”. In psychology, they are inferior people who will feel better after bringing people down. Don’t bother to doubt yourself, because I am sure they realize that you have certain areas of expertise before they hire you. By saying that you are not competent enough, they are indirectly saying that their recruitment and selection process is not effective enough. When you point a finger at others, three other fingers are pointing towards you =)

3. This is also the time when they will remove all your duties and make you feel bad and redundant. Take it positively. Think about how good would it be to be paid sitting at your desk without having to go through reports or analyse any sales figures? J Take it as a short break for yourself. Do some reading or walk around talking with colleagues to pass your time. If you have the privilege of accessing the internet, you might want to read the articles on Low Kay Hwa’s website =)

4. If not, some bosses will throw the bad-logs on your desk, expecting you to finish it before your last day and threaten that if not, they will withhold your salary. Do what you can to fulfil the request but let them know in writing whether you are able to finish all the tasks (if it is practical and reasonable) you have to stand firm and tell them that it’s against the workplace laws to withhold the salary. The last payment should be made within 7 days from the last day of service.

5. Your “foes” will be gloating over your resignation. Ignore them. If they asked if you have found any job, tell them “Oh, I don’t think I will have an issue finding a job, maybe I am taking a short break first and energize myself” or maybe something like “Oh, I was headhunted by another company, I am still considering if I should join them”. If you managed to find a job before your resignation, don’t share the information with anyone because you never know if anyone is going to sabotage you =)


Don’t let others see your worries and start building on your mental strength. A month’s notice period is not that difficult. Do not allow others to have a chance to provoke you. Remain optimistic, as quoted” When one door closes, the other door opens”. When there is a will, there is a way =)

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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