5 things to do when you’re bathing and there’s a cockroach

It’s not a shameful thing to admit that you hate cockroaches. In fact, probably 9 out of 10 people will agree with you (statistics not necessarily accurate). It’s especially worse to have spotted them in the bathroom where you are at your most vulnerable state, probably half naked or butt naked. If you haven’t had the privilege to see them, count yourself among the lucky ones. But if you saw them, here’s what you can do.

Method #1: Drown that ba*****
In the bathroom, it’s a whole different ball game altogether. There is no opportunity better than in the bathroom to utterly drown it, in which method is limited only by your creativity. Spray it with the water hose, force it down the drain and pour water into it, while simultaneously hoping that cockroaches can’t swim under pressure.

Method #2: Man up and step on it
You’ve heard me. Literally step on it. Nothing says ‘manly’ more than facing your fears head on, or foot on. Besides, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long and hard days’ worth of work.It’s fun chasing that creature all around the bathroom, stomping around like King Kong. Just be very careful that you don’t fall down and slip to your death in the meantime.

Method #3: Back to the corner very quietly
It’s perfectly normal to have this reaction when alone in the shower with this abomination of nature. Really, it’s not a thing to be ashamed of. If you have the guts, try the methods above. If not, you can always retreat to the corner and hope it goes away. The quieter you are, the more likely it will be bored and move on.

Method #4:Be friends with them; accept them into your life.
While not a very conventional method, it sure takes the drama out of the whole entire issue. Being friends with a cockroach is not a big deal, you just have to be used to it. I once lived in the college hostel where cockroaches subtly ruled. They come at night to feed or even go in the girl’s bathroom during showering time for a little party. Besides from deploying method #3, people are normally nonchalant about the infestation. Rookies complain about it to the hostel management in the beginning. But seasoned veterans like us know that the cockroaches had the staff under control.Make sure you are moving out sometime soon. They might be your friend, but you don’t want to live with them. Speaking from experience, they are the worst kind of roommates imaginable. After I moved out, I am never terrified of cockroaches ever again. A little disgusted maybe, but that’s totally bearable. Don’t ask, it’s a love-hate relationship.

Method #5: Prevention is always better than cure.
A cockroach situation is more of a chance encounter. It completely depends on your luck for the cockroach to grace you with it’s’ presence. So, why not prevent it altogether? There are a lot of natural remedies and repellant you can try from the internet. My personal favorite insecticide is the baking-soda and sugar paste. It is also best to keep cockroach-prone places like the kitchen and toilet to be as clean as possible. I have a can of insect-repellant everywhere in my current place so I can kill these things in a sec.

The methods above are only for reference. It doesn’t necessarily work, but try it anyway. If it works, great for you! If it doesn’t, remember that running away while screaming like a pained animal is still a completely socially accepted behavior when faced with this tiny brown terror.

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