5 Things to Know About the Most Haunted Park in Singapore: Kent Ridge Park


Last Updated on 2022-07-23 , 7:02 pm

Whenever you hear the word “Kent Ridge”, you’ll think of NUS or NUH, right? That’s because you’re born after World War 2.

Before that, it was one of the last battlefields during World War 2, and you’ve guessed it: the number of causalities there had made it one of the scariest places in Singapore.

Kent Ridge Park is extremely beautiful during the day: if you look at Google Maps street view, you’ll even see people filming something there. But when it’s midnight, it becomes a different place altogether.

1. It’s near impossible to get there unless you’re driving

Kent Ridge Park is connected to Vigilante Drive, a narrow, single-lane road that is bendy and steep, almost like the route you see in the Initial D movie.

At night, there’s usually no one around—absolutely no one. Once a while, you’ll see cars going into one of the two car parks, but no one would come out (they’re usually there for a quickie). In other words, if you see a humanoid there, it might not be a living person…

2. What’s the story?

This is where the fiercest battle between the Japanese soldiers and the Malay Regiment Army took place during World War II. In other words, there were many causalities, and this time, we’re referring to real people being killed there, and not some hearsay stories.


3. What’s so spooky?

There have been rumours of people spotting a Potianak near the lake, but the scariest stories have to be the ones regarding the parade square. You want to know how scary it is?

Almost everyone who has been there experienced some kind of supernatural incident. We’ve been there but not to the parade square, so we cannot verify—but with so many sources and all having spooky experiences, it’s either self-fulfilling or there really is something there.

4. What’s even more spooky: The number of sightings and weird supernatural experiences is overwhelming

We can’t count, but we can show you just one video that captured a shadow moving in the background:


Other than that, people have seen balls of lights, experienced their friends behaving weirdly and even heard screaming.

5. What’s most spooky

You can still visit it. We don’t know whether a taxi would bring you there, but if you’ve got a friend who’s driving, just get him or her to set his GPS to Vigilante Drive. This road leads only to Kent Ridge Park, so you won’t lose your way getting there. But once you’re there…

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