5 things you can do with your Ez-link card that you probably didn’t know

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The Ez-Link card is a contactless smart card that is utilised mainly to pay for travel fares when using public transports such as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and public bus services as well as becoming a form of supplementary identification and concession pass for groups like students, NSFs and senior citizens.

Since its establishment in 2001, it has since evolved and the card can be used to accomplish many other things that you probably did not know about. In this article, we listed down the five other methods of utilising the ez-link card that all of us.

1. Ez link cards can be used to purchase food not just from participating outlets like Cafe outlets or food junction, but it can be used by students to purchase from their school canteen as well.

According to information obtained from the ez-link website, there are a few canteen stalls operating within primary schools which accept payment by ez-link cards. Afraid that the pocket money you gave your children for meals at school might be used for things that you do not approve of? Now you can rest easy knowing that there are lesser ways of utilising the virtual money loaded in their ez-link cards for more nefarious purposes.

2. You can earn points every time you use the ez-link card on public transport and use the accumulated points to redeem exclusive merchant deals on Perx.

You get to redeem exclusive deals for riding on public transports which is something you have to do every day anyway. Does it sound like a good deal? Definitely! So look up Perx right now.

3. You can activate your ez-link card and get free services like track-and-manage your transaction history, free insurance coverage of up to S$10 and blocking of your ez-link card should you lose it.

Gone are the days where losing your ez-link card is like losing a S$2 or S$5 note for others to use. You can block the card to prevent others from spending your money and get some or all of the value loaded into your previous ez-link card back in your new card. Track the value left in your card easily and never fear having to pay your transport fare in cash because you forgot to top up your card.

4. You can use your ez-link card overseas soon.

According to straits times, ez-link and Taiwan’s EasyCard Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a Cross Border Combi Card which can be used at retail outlets and for purchasing electronic tickets at attractions.

5. Ez-link cards can be, well, used for almost everything under the sun.

Check out the ez-link website to find out about all participating businesses you can use your ez-link card in. You will be surprised at the range of useful things that your everyday ez-link card can do. Well, at least I know I am.

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