5 things you must know before taking your driving test (TP) in Singapore


After months of practice on the school’s circuit and roads, studying for your Basic and Final theory tests and weeks of waiting, you’re finally ready to book a slot for the Traffic Police/practical test.

Here are some tips to help you clear that final hurdle and to prevent you from wasting even more time and money on a second attempt.

Book a good time slot

The ideal time to book your TP test would be at around 10-11am on weekdays and weekends. That’s when roads are clear and traffic is basically non-existent.

There are no students running around and taxi drivers aren’t heading out for lunch yet. Other than the odd bicycle or lorry, there shouldn’t be a problem, unless you mount a kerb or beat the red light.

Book your test early

This gives you some time to squeeze in a few revision lessons and mentally prepare yourself for the actual test. In any case, you are forced to book your test early for the most part, with a 50-60 day break in between each TP test attempt.

Booking your TP test early gives you access to the best time slots too, a win-win situation.

Don’t listen to what seasoned drivers have to say

This might be counter-intuitive but with good reason. What you need to do for your TP test does not resemble day-to-day driving. For example, signalling right on a right-turn-only lane is redundant in normal situations, but it’s required during your TP test.

That’s just one of the many examples so pay no mind to what your mum/dad/friend has to say and heed your instructor’s advice instead.


Get enough rest

Getting enough sleep is probably the most important thing you must do and is one of the few factors that’s actually in your control. Even seasoned drivers’ skills get sloppy when they’re tired, never mind someone who only has a Provisional Driving License to show.

Be nice to your tester

Some testers don’t bite the bait and continue to sit poker-faced in the car even when you greet them cheerfully or answer their questions promptly but do continue doing so.

This not only improves his/her mood, it also lets you stay positive as you take the test. One happy person in the car beats two tense and grumpy people, that’s for sure.

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