5 things you mustn’t do when your girlfriend is already angry


Last Updated on 2016-11-14 , 10:00 am

Okay, your girlfriend is already spitting mad, maybe at you, maybe not. But here are 5 landmines that you should never step on, not unless you’re actually looking to make her even madder.

Telling her to “calm down” or “chill”
If she is angry and complaining to you, refrain from making soothing noises and telling her to chill because she simply wants to vent. If you continue to refuse her this outlet, her anger may just turn from the matter at hand to you, and it’s off to the doghouse you go.

Changing the subject
I don’t know about you, but most guys, geniuses that we are, think that the best way to calm her down is to change the topic. After all, if you steer her away from the matter that pissed her off, there’s a higher chance that she won’t burst an artery from anger. Just know that she won’t see it this way, instead she’ll think that you don’t really care about her woes and just want a relationship where you get the good but avoid the bad. End result? At best, you’ll get the doghouse and at worst, suspicions followed by the premature ending of your relationship.

Taking other people’s side
As they said, there’s a time and place for everything and no, this doesn’t just apply to PDA and more explicit explorations. Sometimes, you might just want to be the reasonable one and reason things out with her. The way she sees it? You’re her boyfriend yet you are taking another person’s side, just how fair is that? Instead, let her vent it out and attempt to reason things out with her only after she managed to regain her cool.

Giving solutions to everything
When she bitch and moan about stuff, she just wants to vent. You don’t have to make her angrier by telling her what she should’ve done or what things she did wrong. It doesn’t really help anything except to make her feel worse. So keep whatever you’re thinking inside your noggin and just bitch along with her.

Telling her “I love you”
Believe it or not, some guys (who were at their wits end, I guess) just said “I love you” to their girlfriends when they are at their angriest. Depending on the situation, it might successfully defuse her anger (only if she’s angry at you) or it might backfire spectacularly. Imagine this, she’s bitching about her best friend who’s apparently a skank who got together with a guy and just threw her aside. You proclaiming your love for her just makes her bewildered and think, “So this guy think he’s god’s gift to me?” Definitely a no no, I’d say.


If you want my advice, when your girlfriend is angry, just listen attentively. Bitch along with her if you must, express your anger or curse out her supervisor. Most of the time, if you’re angrier at the matter than she is, she’ll regain her sanity even faster! Don’t believe me? Just try it out for yourself.

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