5 things you probably didn’t know about men’s PMS


Last Updated on 2017-08-05 , 11:26 am

We all know that woman has to go through their monthly period but do you know that man has to go through “periods” too? But it’s in a different manner and actually, they are as hormonal as a woman: They have to experience hormonal shifts and imbalances.

So we should also take note of the following to make our man happy during their “period”. Here are some of the symptoms:

1. They felt moody and irritated
Also known as the Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS). During this period, they felt frustrated, anxious and felt very stressed up. They tend to have shorter patience during this period, so try not to ask so much about what is happening

2. Decreased sexual arousal
You might say “Come on honey” and he will tell you that he is feeling very tired and just couldn’t “get up”. There is a drop of testosterone level in their body. They are not having any woman outside or losing interest in you: it is the testosterone level that is playing tricks on them.

3. They get angry easily
Sometimes we wonder, “Hey, why is he suddenly so fierce to me today?” This is also due to the fluctuations of their hormonal levels in their bodies. They might get very aggressive.

4. They get lethargic 
You find the dirty clothes being thrown all around and when you asked them to go out for dinner; they would say they rather stay at home. During the hormonal changes, man will feel lazier and start leaving their things all around. This is only observable to guys who usually place their clothes in the laundry bags


5. They get very defensive
When you try to reason out with them, they wouldn’t listen and compromise. They have their own sets of reasons and refused to talk further with you. They expect you to be considerate to their feelings. Even if they did something wrong, they won’t admit their mistakes.

Of course, there won’t be any physical attributes like bleeding for man but they do experience their emotional & hormonal cycle of about one month to 6 weeks. But well, this does not mean that they have the rights to be abusive physically or verbally during this period.

If you think that you are going through this cycle, talk to your partner about it and I am sure that they will be understanding towards you! Communication is key, my friend.

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