5 things you should do when your family oppose to your relationship


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

Some of us have been through this: our parents don’t like our partners and constantly emphasizing that they are not suitable for you or they really don’t feel good about this relationship. They are just worried for you. So don’t get too emotional even if you will be caught in a spot, because you love your family but you love your partner too. Here are some tips for people facing this problem:

1. Ask them about their concerns and address them. Sit down and talk to them about it calmly. Address to all their concerns. They might say something like “Oh, he might not be able to take good care of you”. Tell them that you are old enough to take care of yourself and assure them your partner is someone whom you really trust that they are able to take care of you no matter what happens. Tell them that time will prove everything. Be honest with them when you share the reasons you love your partner.

2. Explain to them that no one in the world is perfect which the truth is. Assure your parents that your partner is willing to change and improve for your sake. Talk to your partner about your family’s concerns and see what can be done to improve their impression of them. Don’t force them to change because the change is only genuine if they are willing to.

3. Try to fix up a dinner with your parents and your partner. They might not be willing to go for it but just tell them that your partner is sincere about bonding with them and it is just a dinner which might only last for an hour. During the dinner, try to engage your partner and your parents and coming up with conversions which will allow them to interact. Remind your partner not to sulk or just simply keep quiet during the dinner. Preempt them before they attend the dinner on the topics that should be avoided.

4. Don’t take sides. It is not about winning or losing. It is all about reconstructing everyone’s compromise. Negotiate tactfully with them. No matter what, always remember to respect your parents.

5. If your parents dislike you coming back too late whenever you go on dates with your partner, then go home earlier. If they don’t like the way he talks, tell him about it and don’t talk the same way during meet up the next time. Try to organize more activities so that your parents can get to know more about your partner.


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