5 things you should not say on the first date!

First date. This is something as nerve-wrecking as job interviews or even public speaking.

First date is as important as first impression because it gives you guys the chance to know each other further and decide if you would have a second, third, and fourth date together.

Of course, you should be yourself – the real self, but there are certainly things you should take note of a little, things that you might not want to reveal and let it become a date-killer. There is no way you can get away with saying something weird and ridiculous on the first date.

Here are 5 things you really should not mention on the first date:

“I know, I saw that on your Facebook!”
And it was on his Facebook like a year ago before you guys were even friends. Uh-oh.
We all know the art of social media stalking before first dates, it is a norm but an unspoken one. You will never know what the other party might think about when they know that you have been stalking their social media platforms. Sometimes, people might not want to reveal everything about themselves on the first date because they want to create a better impression. But there you are – you just ruined it all, all that they have been up to.

“That reminds me of my ex…”
You can think about it but don’t. ever. mention. it.
Everybody knows that people can have their past. But since it’s called ex, it is the past, and it is suppose to be over. If you mention about your ex then chances are you will sound like you are not over your ex – and that is not nice. It makes people question if they are just rebound for you and if you are even serious about going further than friendship.

“But my mum says…”   
Do not bring your parents into the conversation too much, or if you can help it, at all. This is because you would not want to sound like an overage kid who still depend on your parents for opinion and all. You should be old enough to have your own views and your own stands that should be worth discussing over the date, but be rest assured nobody cares about what the other parties’ mum thinks.
What I mean is that, it is okay for you to share a good relationship with your parents and respect their views. It is when you take it overboard that it becomes an issue.

“Do I need to pay you for this?”
It would be a gentleman move for the guys to pay for the first date but it is never alright for asking it outright if they have got the bill.
Do not assume that the other party is going to pay the bills for you. Chances are, he being a student, is as broke as you are. If he offered, then let him be, but if he did not then you jolly well pay for your own meal.

“…total silence…”
While you should be conscious about the things you blurt out of your mouth, you should also make sure that things do not become awkward between the two of you. There is no such thing as comfortable silence during a first date because you two don’t know each other enough to be comfortable with yet.
If the other party has run of things to say, fill them in on your daily life or the recent trip that you have taken. Make them interested to know more about you and continue from there. Alternatively, go for shared memories – that’s if you have one. They never go wrong.


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