5 Types of BMT Sergeants That We have all encountered before


Last Updated on 2016-06-02 , 5:59 pm

If you were to think back to your NSF days, I believe your BMT days will be the most memorable period. We all remember how hard it was to adapt to military life and the people who have made it easier or harder for us during this transition. In this article, I will name 5 types of BMT sergeants that almost every one of us will have met before.

Garang Sergeant
We will never forget that garang sergeant that we had. Everything he also wants first; a competition between platoons’ IPPT results? You know he’ll make you come down for workouts during your admin time. While other platoons are relaxing in their bunks and calling home, you and your platoon mates will be huffing and puffing at your company line, thinking why are we the only ones doing this?

Just-want-to-tekan you Sergeant
You just hate him, and you cringe at the sight of him. He hands out punishments like how cookhouse aunties give out food – he will do it at least 3 times a day. If he does not hand out any punishment, his whole body will itch and he feels uncomfortable, and this feeling will only abate once he has tekan some poor recruit.

Care-for-soldier Sergeant
He cares for the soldiers under his command like they are his kids. He likes to have a rapport with his recruits and has an ‘open door’ policy for them. Have to go home because your mother is sick? You know he will try his frigging best to fight for you. Be sure not to take advantage of him because you might just turn him into ‘just-want-to-tekan’ sergeant for future recruits.

Everything-say-say-only Sergeant
He can promise you anything and everything under the sun, but less than 1% of what he promises you will come true. The poor recruits know that they are being duped, but they still do their best to fulfil his orders on the off-chance that for once, he might just be able to deliver on his promises. The only thing that we can say to this is, tan gu gu (wait long long).

Relax-Jac Sergeant
Last but not least, is our favourite type of sergeant. He is as chill as you can get, and nothing fazes him. You want to smoke a stick? Go ahead. You want to relax a bit before going back to training and he’ll join you to smoke a stick. The platoon is doing the worst out of the entire company, Aiya relax la, no big deal what. He is what every recruit loves and what every commander dislikes, the true blue hipster of the SAF.


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