5 Types Of Enciks We Hate In The Army


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

The Super On One
The one encik that always catches you for improper haircuts or attire and threatening you with extra duties or other forms of punishment if you fail to do so.

The Wayang King
The one that always tries to impress in front of superiors but actually does nothing when their superiors are not around and you are often scolded by them in front of the above-mentioned superiors for not meeting expectations to show that they are doing their job

The Threatening One
This Encik always threatens subordinates with punishments ranging from extra duties to SOLs and usually the reasons for the threats are usually minor incidents that do not warrant these punishments.

The Always MIA
Always not in camp, with reasons such as being involved in meetings outside of their own camps or events that they have to attend that forces them to not be in camp.

The NATO Expert
The NATO (No Action Talk Only) Encik always comes up with elaborate plans or ideas that they volunteer to carry out, but at the end of the discussion, the ideas that are drawn up are usually not carried out.

The Arrow King
This Encik is an expert at Tai Chi, for he is able to deflect all incoming work and tasks that are assigned to him. The usually casualties that receive the arrows that he deflects are the poor Platton Sergeants that have to do the dirty work for him.

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