5 types of people who will suffer when they are serving BMT

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Every male Singaporean has to go through a two-year national service, most likely in the army. It’s a well-known fact that army changes a boy to a man. But what if the boy is too weak? Well, he’ll suffer dearly in the army, and unfortunately, he will have to toughen up because that is the only choice.

These are the 5 types of people whom we see and encounter when we first enlist; don’t you find them familiar?

The never-do-housework-before boy

Sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet and making your bed are the essentials of every new recruit. In fact, we do this for thirty minutes every day, and our bunk is NEVER clean because instructors are trained to look for dust underneath the bed. And when the never-do-housework-before boy holds a broom, he’ll hold it with one hand.

Bro, not playing Chinese chess lah.

The Crybaby

You know girls who cry easily? That’s very normal because girls are genetically more emotional than guys. But when guys become girls, the whole platoon will be so frightened that they step away from him.

Once, when a platoon mate cried, even the platoon commander wondered, “Siao liao. How? You all go settle leh, you all closer to him. If he continues then tell me.” Thank God it was not my buddy.

The wayang king

The layman term for a wayang king is “one who pretends to be excellent only when a superior is around”. You see, social politics is new to every recruit who has not worked full-time before, so if you do it in camp, other recruits are going to give you a hard time because they didn’t know how to react to your wayang ness.

All the best to all wayang kings. Then again, all wayang kings usually don’t admit are one.

The cannot-push-limit boy

Being a man means pushing yourself to your limit, and limits are usually created by your beliefs. These boys have beliefs so strong that when others can run less than ten minutes for their 2.4 km run and they can’t, they believe it has something to do with genes. Wait, does it?

The super-dependent boy

Getting him to wash his clothes is almost impossible. He’ll rather wear a set of uniform that is unwashed for three days than to wash them in the camp because washing clothes are his maid’s work. Trust me, he usually comes from a wealthy family.

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