5 types of soccer fans in Singapore


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

The title is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

The one who is completely obsessed with one team
You’ll have at least one of this friend: he supports that team no matter what happens, even if the team has never won a match this season. He has the jersey of his favourite team from every season, and refuses to wear the outdated jerseys because he’s too “hardcore”. His car is filled with his team’s merchandises or his schoolbag has six badges about his team sewed prematurely everywhere.
And he’s so obsessed that every weekend night, you won’t find him anywhere except at home or in pubs supporting his favourite team.

The one who supports one player
When Michael Owen was in Liverpool, he supported Liverpool and bought all jerseys with the word “Owen” at the back. When Michael Owen was in real Madrid, he supported Real Madrid and bought all Real Madrid Jerseys with the word “Owen” at the back. When Michael Owen was in Newcastle, he supported Newcastle. Then Manchester United. Then Stroke City. And when Owen retired, the supporter retired as well.
Talk about loyalty.

The one who supports whichever team he bets on
There’s only one entity who knows which team this person is currently supporting: Singapore Pools. Whenever he comes into a pub to watch a match with his friends, he would lay out the statistics and show you his analysis. “Confirm win,” he always says. And very often, he leaves the place with a grim expression.
If you’re looking to make a quick buck, just befriend him, ask for his analysis and bet on the opposite of his prediction.

 The one who watches soccer for the handsome players
Usually females, they may or may not tag along with their boyfriends, but one thing is sure: their favourite player is never Wayne Rooney. They’ll scream when a handsome player touches their ball (pun intended), and maybe get wet when the camera zooms in to a handsome player, who could be moaning (pun intended again) in pain due to a nasty tackle.
And some of them still think that David Beckham plays for Manchester United.

The one who is “atas” and doesn’t watch English Premier League (EPL)
Because EPL is not good enough. He watches Serie A or La Liga. He’ll tell you that EPL is more for the pretty boys, and the skills are all in La Liga. When you talk about S-league, he’ll say he can play better—when he’s usually obese and has never passed his IPPT before.


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