5 Types of Wall That’ll Turn Your HDB Flat into a Hipster Cafe

Feature walls are a great way to enliven a room. Whether you are looking to make a statement, or trying to make your room more interesting, this is something for you to consider incorporating into your new home.

From beautiful works of art to plants to built-in shelves, we present five fabulous feature walls to show you how to create your own stunning feature wall.

1. No space for plants in your small apartment? Put them on the wall! The owners brought nature into their home with a green feature wall that complements the warm, woody interior.



ID: Multiattributes
Location: Beacon Heights (Condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $40,000

2. Contrast white walls with one striking red brick wall. Put up vintage superhero signs to add quirk and colour.



ID: Fuse Concept
Location: Strathmore Avenue (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $65,000

3. A floor to ceiling shelf on one side lends a sense of layer and depth to the stark white room, while not taking attention away from the beautiful painting that adorns the main wall.



ID: Plus Interior Design
Location: Jalan Ulu Siglap (Landed)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $180,000

4. A large urban landscape wallpaper is stunning and dramatic. In the day, it is vivid and spectacular. Add warm yellow lighting and the mood turns romantic and nostalgic.


ID: Starry Homestead
Location: Jurong West (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $50,000

5. Who says you can only have one feature wall? For this avid collector of quirky pop art pieces, no wall is spared. But far from being messy, the look is cohesive and complementary, thanks to the common theme that ties everything together.



ID: Design Channel
Location: Akyab Road (Condo)

No matter which project appeals to you most, you can find hundreds more examples in the Qanvast app to inspire you. And to help you further, here are some innovative products from our merchants to help you to create the perfect feature wall.



Tiles, stones and mosaic are an eclectic way to create an interesting feature wall. Depending on what you choose, they can provide texture, depth and colour.

RICe provides a wide selection of italian tiles, natural stone and mosaic to help you create highly personalized designs. Their collection represents the finest in design and quality.


The Wall Society


When it comes feature walls, wallpapers are no brainers. And with the quality and forms that they come in these days, wallpapers have become an easy way to add detail to your home.

The Wall Society represents a wide variety of quality and modern wallpaper brands from Europe, Asia and Japan. All their wallpapers have gone through rigorous testing and each brand has its own unique identity and characteristics to suit every style.



Every home needs shelves, but do you want your shelves to make a statement?


With its modular shelving systems, Slingshot can help you to create the perfect shelves for every need. Whether you’re looking for something functional, or a statement piece, they have everything for your needs.


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