5 Ugliest Secondary School Uniforms in Singapore

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Disclaimer: If it’s not obvious enough, we’ll highlight it now: we’re just trying to be funny. If you’re easily offended or you’re extremely self-righteous online, we suggest that you click away now.

Students in Singapore are more often than not, required to wear uniforms to school which are a reflection of the student’s and the school’s identities and represent order and conduct. Some schools have uniforms that were specially designed by fashion designers while others just look like they were made out of scraps of cloth from secondhand stores.


Compassvale Secondary School
Even though it looks terrible, the Compassvale Secondary School uniform has its perks too as it can be worn as pajamas at bedtime, saving the students time when getting ready in the morning.

Jurong West Secondary School
Mmm, that eggplant-like colour makes anybody who lay their eyes on it especially hungry while the purple strip on the sleeves of the boys’ uniform resembles that of a nurse’s uniform.

Zheng Hua Secondary School
When Zheng Hua Secondary School students visit their neighbourhood McDonalds’ in their uniforms, it is hard to differentiate the staff of the popular fast food chain from the students.

St. Margaret’s Secondary School
Definitely not the ugliest Singapore secondary school uniform there is but imagine having to wear something that looks so cutesy even when you are already 16 or 17.

Your School’s Uniform
No doubt, everybody has had school uniform envy during their time in secondary school. The ACS boys’ uniform or the CHIJ girls’ pinafore always looked so much better than your own.