5 Unique Skincare Products Every Beauty Lover Have To Try At Least Once

Time waits for no one. As we age, it is important to take care of our skin. With advancements in technology, different kinds of beauty products are being developed every day to take care of our beauty needs. Here are some creative and unique beauty products that we have found from Go Shop that you should try out!

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1. Lioele Egg Ampoule and Cream Set

Lioele Egg Ampoule and Cream SetYou may have heard of milk beauty products and aloe vera beauty products, but have you ever heard of egg beauty products? The Lioele Egg Ampoule and Cream Set consists of an Egg Corset Ampoule Mask and Egg Yolk Memory Cream that contains intensive egg proteins which will supply your skin with essential nutrients!

The Egg Corset Ampoule Mask will lift and improve your skin’s elasticity and the Egg Yolk Memory Cream will tighten and lift your skin while reinforcing the skin structure. Get luminous and radiant youthful skin with these unique egg beauty products today!

2. Belif Nose-Shine Boy Blackhead Remover Oil Balm

Belif Nose-Shine Boy Blackhead Remover Oil Balm

Blackheads are annoying to have and are difficult to remove. The most common way of blackhead removal is to use pore strips. However, these nose pore strips can be quite harsh on the skin and may even enlarge your pores instead.

Now, you can remove those stubborn blackheads gently with Belif’s Nose-Shine Boy Blackhead remover oil balm. The balm turns into oil when applied and dissolves blackheads gently. You can now remove blackheads without hurting your skin!

3. SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask Set

SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask Set

You can now look cute even while you are pampering your skin with cute animal facial masks! The featured SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask Set is an adorable face mask that hydrates your skin to make it more supple and healthy-looking.

It contains coconut water that effectively replenishes moisture and brightens your skin. SNP also has an animal dragon soothing mask sheet that you can try out too!

4. Ettang Modeling Take-out Cup Pack

Ettang Modeling Take-out Cup Pack

If you are travelling overseas but do not wish to pack too many bulky beauty products, you can simply grab a few Ettang Modeling Take-out Cups and go!

Packed in travel-friendly minuscule packages, you can easily pamper your skin using these convenient little cups. Simply mix a little water and apply the product to your face!

5. Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Soap

Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Soap

Instead of the usual gel, cream or solid facial cleansers, Too Cool For School has come up with the cutest facial cleanser ever- an egg mousse soap! Perfect for daily cleansing, the egg mouse soap is suitable for all skin types and removes dirt and makeup gently.

Excited to try some of these cool beauty products? You can get your hands on these unique beauty products at a discount by shopping through ShopBack!

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