5 Unique Valentine’s Gifts and Ideas that are almost free (and effective)

Forget the roses, the chocolates and the stuffed toy this Valentine’s Day. Here are some unique gifts and ideas you can consider come Valentine’s Day this year without hurting your wallet.

Write a Love Letter
Words will always retain their power to express feelings effectively. Pen down your innermost thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and present it to your special one on Valentine’s Day.
TIP: Writing instead of typing and printing offers a more personal touch. A love poem wouldn’t hurt as well.  Having the letter delivered via registered mail or courier will increase the surprise factor.

Have a picnic and bicycle ride by the beach
Engaging in an outdoor and physical activity can be mentally stimulating and fun for couples. But of course you don’t want to get all sweaty and exhausted. So go for something light and carefree such as a bicycle ride by the beach. Try renting a tandem bike so you can share the pedal load. End the day with nice romantic picnic overlooking the sunset and take the opportunity to present him or her that love letter you decided to write.

DIY ‘Gift’ Coupons
Definitely one of the oldest tricks in the book, offering handmade gift coupons for your loved ones may sound corny but if you fulfill them, it may turn out to be a very meaningful gift. Some suggestions for the ‘gifts’ are: “Free Back Massage”, “Free Breakfast In Bed”, and many others. Be creative.

Create a video montage
Take a trip down memory lane and create a video montage filled with pictures and videos of your time together. It’s hard to beat reliving precious memories on a special day.
TIP: Add a romantic or meaningful song to accompany the montage for goosebumps effect.

A jar filled with Love
Get creative and decorate an empty glass jar with arts and craft. Fill it with pieces of paper containing love notes for your special one. If you are creative enough, write down 365 love notes, telling him or her to pick out and read only one note per day. This way, he or she can be reminded of your love every day of the year till next Valentine’s!

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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