5 Unknown facts about Vivian Lai that will make her your all-time favorite auntie

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We all know Vivian Lai Yi Ling (赖怡伶), one of the great beauties of Caldecott Hill, don’t we? This Taiwanese-born actress and host has captured our hearts since she won Star Search Singapore in 1999, and has joined (or “graduated” in her own words) the ranks of artistes like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Huang Biren after winning the All-Time Favourite Artiste this year.

Here are 5 unknown facts about Vivian Lai that might just make her your all-time favorite auntie in the whole of Singapore.

She has an awesome sense of humor
It could be due to her hosting experience, or she might naturally be a boisterous and cheerful girl, but she knows how to take a joke or two. In an interview, she was wondering why people find her funny when she’s trying to act seriously. Perhaps you have a comical face? Instead of taking offence at this, she just said she knows what they mean and she will go for plastic surgery.

She’s humble
After bring crowned the All-Time Favorite Artiste along with Jeanette Aw, you would have thought that she’ll start putting on airs. But when questioned why she wasn’t awarded the Best Host Award yet, she just said that Mark Lee and Quan Yi Fong were not tired of winning year after year, and comically requested for them to give her a chance in an interview with Toggle.

She really respect the elderly
She believe in the idea of respecting the elderly, and said that while young people have their own thinking, they should also consider listening to their elders because they’re wiser and have seen much more.

She’s not afraid to break conventions
A controversy erupted when she kissed showbiz rookie Kate Pang at the Star Awards in 2012 on the lips for a second, but she’s doesn’t think anything’s wrong. She declared that it’s just a way to show her joy, and if female artistes in Hong Kong and Taiwan can do it, why can’t Singaporean artistes do it too? She said if she had “French-kissed” Pang, then she would have done something wrong.

She’s an awesome mother
When she was approached about whether she will do volunteer work to enroll her daughter, Vera in CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, she claimed that she wouldn’t mind volunteering as a librarian or a traffic warden if she has to. Imagine how cool it is to have Vivian Lai working in your school library?

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