5 USEFUL tips to make you fall asleep the moment you lie on your bed

Some of us are just so unlucky, we cannot even engage in the most basic act of sleeping without stressing out about it. I’ve tried drinking warm milk before bed, counting sheep, dogs, cows, rabbits and so on to no avail. Insert sleeping remedy here, and I’ve tried it. Having insomnia is not funny and here are some tips (which actually worked for me) for you to overcome such a tragic disease, as I have.

Sleep in the car first
Obviously this only applies to passengers. Sleep in the car, taxi or bus (perhaps not a motorcycle least you enter a sleep which lasts forever). Why does sleeping on a moving transport work? This is because when we were in liquid form and have yet to enter this harsh and unyielding world, we were in constant movement when our mothers were pregnant with us. What were we doing for 9 months? Practically in a coma. Moving transport gives the same foetal feeling and encourages natural sleep. Manipulate this and being the sleepiness to your bed at home!

Don’t use your phone an hour before bed
This one is probably common sense for most of us and have been constantly emphasised by our parents and the internet (how ironic)- but WHY DOESN’T ANYONE FOLLOW IT.

Don’t brush your teeth at night
I know this may sounds gross, but do you know that the ingredients in toothpaste actually kill the chemicals in your brain which induce sleep. Worse, brushing your teeth so often actually corrodes the enamel which covers every individual tooth and when you’ve brushed it all away, you are going to regret it. If you’re a diehard teeth-brusher, try brushing them a few hours earlier and not immediately before you sleep.

Don’t count sheep. Don’t count anything.
The person who invented this ‘remedy’ most certainly had no problems sleeping judging by the fact that it is the worst remedy ever fabricated for all mankind. Counting is a mathematical activity and keeps your brain active instead of lulling into sweetness of sleep. If you’re absolutely awful at Math like me, this activity is a sure no-go for you. Counting will instead induce low self-esteem, stress, and more stress.

Don’t do anything productive after 8pm
I can hear workaholics in anguish now. It’s true. Don’t do anything productive after 8pm. Besides, you should have just eaten dinner and be engaged in an activity you actually love, such as reading or playing with your pets. Engage in activities that allow you to relax and realise there is more to life. Studying and working between 8pm to whatever time you fall asleep is bad because when you lie down on your bed, your brain will be saturated with so much information, responsibilities and the extensive burden of life that you should just say goodbye to yet another good night of sleep.

Believe it or not, we spent a third (for those of you like me) or half our lives sleeping (everyone else who has it good). Make every sleep count!


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