5 Ways To Make Your Home Smarter & Almost Alive

Consider this scenario: You enter your house to find that lights turn on automatically and switch off at a fixed time of your choice, with controls via your smart phone. The climate in your home is set to your desired humidity levels and temperature. When you leave your home, energy saving mode is activated, and all your appliances get turned off in one go instead of being on standby.

Think this is a scene that you are seeing only in a movie? No, the Smart Home has arrived, and it is no longer an unattainable dream – with achievable price points and a wide variety of solutions offered to make your life more convenient or maximise your energy efficiency.


At less than 10 per cent of a typical renovation budget, you can easily deploy some of these in your home. Here are five areas to make your home work harder for you – all controlled from your smartphone or wireless switches.

1. Automated Lighting

It is lights on automatically the moment you open your main door, or set the mode to all lights off when you go to bed at midnight. Gone are the days of arguing who should walk out of bed to switch off the lights. Simply use your smart phone or a wireless switch on your bedside to turn off your lights.

Some products rely on motion sensor that triggers lights to switch on automatically; a useful feature if you or your family member has the habit to wake up in the middle of the night.

2. Automated Curtains and Roller Blinds

No more hassle with manually drawing and closing your curtains and roller blinds everyday to block out the sun, or to get some privacy. With a touch on your smartphone, you can do it from the comfort of your couch, or even schedule the hours in advance for open or closed mode for your curtains and blinds, to control the amount of light entering your home.


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3. Turn On Air-conditioning Before You Even Reach Home

Doesn’t it feel good to return to a cool home – with the temperature of your choice? With smart systems, you can remotely turn on the air-conditioning minutes before you reach home, or switch off at a preset timing if you have the tendency to forget to switch off the aircon. The more advanced appliance comes with temperature sensor that detects the climate based on time of day and even the humidity changes!


4. Energy-saving Water Heaters

Often have to rush out of the house after bathing? This feature would shave off some time and effort by allowing you to preset the timing and heat up the water in advance. Schedule your bath time and switch it on when you need, then leave it to the smart sensor to switch it off. As water heater tends to consume a fair bit of electricity, this will help to lighten your utility costs.

5. Go On Energy Saving Mode – Instantly

Your electrical appliance may have been powered off but unless its main switch from the power socket is off, it is still on standby mode, and that is actually not energy saving. A quick solution to this is to programme all lights and appliances to power off when you leave the house, without the need to go around ealich appliance and switch off.


Is this technology affordable? Sure, at a fraction of what you pay for your renovation, a little investment brings about convenience and utility savings for the long run. Not to mention, your house will look (and feel) cooler than before. Home automation brings convenience and control as you let technology run your home efficiently while you are at home or away.

Featured image: Alexander Kirch / Shutterstock.com

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