5 ways to NOT to gain weight during Chinese New Year


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:36 pm

Chinese New Year – An occasion for one to dress up, catch up with relatives, savour delicacies in the reunion dinner, collect ang baos from relatives, and collect weight. Wait! Collect weight? No, not that! Here are five ways to prevent weight collection (is there such a phrase in the first place?) without having to look like an outcast:

Chew slowly
For each house that you visit, the owners will definitely offer you CNY goodies. Well, it wouldn’t be nice to reject them and say, “No, I am not eating any of this.”  Hence, you can take a piece of your favourite kueh, and chew slowly. Very slowly. Whenever they want to offer you another pineapple tart, and they see that you still have a slice of half eaten bak kwa on your hand, chances are they will stop offering you the goodies.

Sharing is caring
Whenever a table filled with food and drinks is just conveniently in front of you, and you can grab them easily, you will find yourself constantly taking it and devouring it subconsciously. Bear in mind how much sugar there is in a cup of an F&N orange, or your love letters. Remember to always share your packet of drink with someone else. Half the calories, double the pleasure.

Keep yourself preoccupied
There are so many activities going on during your CNY visit. You can join your aunts for Mahjong, your cousins for ban-luck or catch up with relatives whom you saw one year ago. Or even use your phone to WhatsApp your friends pictures of hot guys you see during CNY visits. Just don’t be the one sitting on the sofa, doing nothing but adding carbohydrates to your body. Do something—except eating, of course.

Keep yourself active
This time round, instead of taking the lift to the seventh floor to visit your aunt. Take the stairs. If your family insists to take the lift, meet them at the seventh floor. If the distance is as near as a bus stop or two, choose to walk. No matter the occasion, your healthy lifestyle should never stop.

Self reminder
No one can help you, except for yourself. As cliché as it sounds, it is true. Even though CNY is a joyous occasion, remember not to overeat and then regret it afterwards. For the 10 pineapple tarts that you have eaten during your visits, you will have to pay it back in the gym. You want to know how much calories there are? Just don’t be shocked: https://goodyfeed.com/calories-6-popular-cny-goodies-will-make-go/


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