5 ways to buy stuff for less than $10 when they cost more elsewhere

1. Dasio
Sounds familiar? Daiso is a huge store that has almost everything you need in a household. From utensils to dustbin, food, toiletries, gift stuff, party stuff, headphones, gardening, pet clothes, etc. Daiso just has everything you will need and the best part of it is that everything costs $2!!! After you’re done with choosing what you want in the stpre, you do not have to wait for the cashier to scan all the items to total up. They just have to count how many things you picked and multiply it by 2… It’s that simple. Daiso is located at many areas. Click here to take a look at their locations.

2. Carousell
Carousell is an android/OS application. You may post the things you want to sell or simply browse for the things you need. The things you need may be sold at a much cheaper price than the market. So give it a try. If you can’t find what you need within your budget, just post at the ‘Looking for’ column and sellers would contact you.

3. Facebook
Facebook has several groups created by our local users. Items below $4, below $10 and below $20 are seen in those pages. You just have to search the key words and join the group. But be careful of preorders, though. There have been cases of promises not delivered despite payment made.

4. Value Dollar
I’m sure all of you have been to value dollar before. It has everything. just like Daiso, like stationeries, utensils, etc.  Almost all of the things sold in Value Dollar is definitely much cheaper than usual price in a regular store.

5. Doing barter trades instead
At platforms like Carousell, it’s not just for buying things; you may also trade items provided that  both parties agree on it. For example, if you are interested in a pair of shoes but already have one that you are not comfortable with, and if the seller agrees, you may trade your shoes with the seller’s shoes. It’s cashless, it gets rid of something you don’t want and gets you something you need. Easy isn’t it?


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