5 ways to enjoy your McDonald’s curry sauce after five months of waiting

We all agree that curry sauce is simply delicious, right? I mean, just look at how much we suffered when we didn’t get our curry sauce fix since February! Yes curry sauce is perfect with those crispy and juicy McDonald’s nuggets but did you know they can be used to make other food delicious too?

1. Curry Sauce Fried Rice
Trust me on this one, I have tried it. But this was during the days when you can get as many curry sauce packets as you liked. Nevertheless, if you ever happen to have some extra curry sauce, use it to make a tasty fried rice. Add all your favourite things like eggs, sausage and vegetables, and add in the curry sauce in the end.  Mix everything together well and there you have it!

2. Curry Sauce Sandwich
This one is simple. Make your favourite sandwich with your choice of meat and vegetables. Chicken ham, cheese and romaine lettuce would really be good. Then, generously spread your curry sauce on both the buns, and pour any leftover sauce onto your meat and vegetable. Assemble all of them together and enjoy your epic sandwich.

3. Curry Sauce Fries
Order your fries from Macs without salt. This is not only healthier but also ensures that you get freshly fried and hot french fries every time. Next, pour out half your fries and pour some curry sauce onto half of the fries. Now sprinkle some pepper over the fries and curry sauce. Finally add the sauceless fries to the sauced fries and give it a good shake. This is super delicious, really.

4. Curry Sauce Salad
Make or buy your favourite salad mix. Make sure you have some meat in the salad as well. Now simply mix half the curry sauce with half of the salad dressing that came with your purchase. This would be the perfect dressing for any salad. Go on, try it.

5. Curry Sauce Fruit Kebabs
Come on, don’t be like that. It might sound a little weird but its really not that bad tasting. Cut up some hard sweet fruits like apples, honeydews and rockmelons. Add a tablespoon of condensed milk to one packet of curry sauce and coat your fruits. Add some raisins for texture. The saltiness of the curry sauce against the sweetness of the fruits is a marriage made in heaven. Please try, please.

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