5 ways to get more curry sauce from McDonald’s in Singapore

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MacDonald’s curry sauce is FINALLY back in our shores. Its been missing since February because of some logistic congestion issues, but who care, its finally back and lets all hope that it stays forever.  But, before such a horrible thing should happen again, here are 5 ways you can try to get more curry sauce from McDonald’s.

1. Pay for It
Ok, this is a no brainer. If you want extra curry sauce, you can just fork out some money and get them. I believe it is fifty cents per sauce. Or maybe Macs might not charge you because they have made you suffer long enough without the curry sauce. I don’t know. But just pay up and get your hands on them sauces!

2. Ask the Cleaner
This is really quite bad, and you should feel ashamed for even trying this. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Sit far away from the counters and when you see a cleaner nearby, ask them politely if they could help you take one (or two) curry sauce. Make sure you look busy so it’s more believable. And don’t you dare demand or intimidate the staff. Ask nicely and you shall receive.

3. Hide your curry sauce
This works best when the restaurant is busy. Get your free curry sauce and go to your seat. Hide the sauce and then go back to the counter a few minutes later and say that you didn’t get your sauce. The staff might say that she already has given you. Here you can either say no she hasn’t or show her your tray that has no curry sauce. You will highly get one because it’s crowded anyway.

4. Approach another counter
Put your food down on the table, wait a few minutes and go to another counter that you didn’t order your nuggets from. Appear to be rushing and ask the staff for a curry sauce. Say that you didn’t get it. And since the staff wont remember you,  he will give you a packet of that delicious sauce.

5. Beg
Yep, you heard me right. Not everyone will understand your love for curry sauce and you need to use all your emotions to show this. Tell the staff your sad story of how you need another one more packet of curry sauce or else your girlfriend will break up with you. Or you might go into depression. Or you might die. Try this on an old aunty or those young secondary school kids working for the holidays. I believe they will be more sympathetic.

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