5 Ways to Kill a Non-Flying Cockroach in Your Room Without Touching It

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Our article, 5 most effective ways to kill the flying cockroach in your room without touching it, was a success: within about a week of publication, it has been shared so many times, everyone in Singapore now know how to deal with a flying cockroach.

We, therefore, know this problem is one that is more serious than we thought, and so, we’ve decided to write one more article on the five ways to kill a non-flying cockroach in your room.

After all, we face more non-flying cockroach in our room than one that can fly. In fact, as you read this in your room now, one could be lurking underneath your bed, waiting to expose itself and scare the shit out of you when you least expected it.

Rolled-up newspaper assault

Simple, self-explanatory method: roll up a newspaper, locate that bastard and once you spot it, slap it like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t stop at one hit: spank it again and again until you feel tired. The cockroach usually doesn’t go down with one hit.

Fun fact: once it, somehow, has overturned itself, it can never turn itself back without outside help. So if you’re a little sick in your mind, and you see it overturned, you can throw away your newspaper and spend the day looking at it struggling for days before it die of hunger.

Use a vacuum cleaner

It can’t fly, so there’s no challenge. Just power up the typical vacuum cleaner you can find at home, and suck it in. Treat the moment that you get rid of the cockroach as a moment to clean your room as well. After all, if there’s a cockroach, it goes to show you’ve yet to vacuum your room for a while, eh?

Wait for it to enter an dark opening…and spray insecticide into it like there’s no tomorrow

Firstly, understand a cockroach’s style: it is essentially a nocturnal creature, so when you switch on your lights and see one scurrying away, you can bet that it’s trying to find a dark area to hide. Now, track where it goes. Take your Bygone and spray it into that opening.

The bad thing about this solution is that it’ll die in that opening; the good thing is that if there houses a family of cockroaches, you’ve just killed six cockroaches with one spray.

Use soap on them

Okay, this is a theory, but hey: gravity itself is a theory too and we all agree to it. Some people suggested this tactic in our previous article, so we researched on it. Basically, you’ll just have to put soap water on it.

As the soap reaches the cockroach’s legs, they get slippery and the cockroach will fall over. Like what we’ve mentioned, once it has toppled over, it can’t turn itself back and will starve to death. Now you know why.

Use the boyfriend/girlfriend tactic again

If anyone has got a boyfriend or girlfriend because of our previous article, here’s one from us: You’re welcome. For those who don’t understand, here’s the tactic (similar, but it takes a tad more convincing because a crawling cockroach isn’t as dreadful as one that flies):

True story: a female friend once called a male friend for help. The male friend rode over, killed the (flying) cockroach, they had coffee together and a week later, they officially dated. Having a cockroach in your room couldn’t be a bad thing after all.

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