5 worst Singaporean fashion disasters that should never have caught on

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To say Singaporeans are big on fashion trends is an understatement. We are always looking to catch up with the next in thing from other countries, and even trying to imitate their Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter trends when it is almost always Summer in Singapore all year round. Here at ShopBack, we have come up with 5 fashion boo-boos that you should avoid and tips to correct those mistakes.

1. Animal print

3D tiger shirtSource

Instead of wearing a top with an animal printed on, a better suggestion would be to don an animal print shirt. At the same time, do make sure that the material isn’t too body-hugging if you have curves at the wrong places.

How to wear leopard printsSource

Keep things simple and limit your animal print to just one piece of clothing or accessory while ensuring that you pair the rest of your outfit with solid colours. If you’re looking at large animal print pieces, tame it down with neutral tones so you’re not too over the top.

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2. Saggy jeans

droopy jeansSource

Remember those days where half the guys on the streets were showing their checkered boxes peeking out from their jeans? Their denim bottom used to be worn so low that it affected the way they walked — usually really big outward strides.

men fashionSource

A pair of jeans is a man’s wardrobe staple but a different occasion actually calls for a different fit. Go for skinny or slim jeans for a more formal look and comfortable straight jeans for a casual attire. Opt for a dark wash which is more versatile and serves as a more solid investment. A pair of quality jeans like Topman’s Bright 70s Wash Stretch Slim Jeans will prove to be a worthy asset in your closet.

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3. Slippers with jeans

jean and slippersSource

Uh, I only have one word for this get-up: sloppy. I know the weather sucks right here in Singapore and sometimes we just want to escape the heat, even our feet do so. But pairing your jeans with a pair of flipflops is just a big no-no.

skinny jeansSource

Pairing your jeans with sneakers is the simplest solution for both ladies and gentlemen. It’s not only casual but also trendy. Sneakers are also comfortable for the feet, even for a whole day of walking.

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4. Mismatched prints

fashion failSource

While wearing mismatched prints can appear trendy, it seems like this fashion statement is not that easy to master after all. A total fiasco can happen if you overload yourself with prints that are too loud.


A simple tip to follow is to have one of your prints as a classic (polka dots or stripes) to act as the neutral piece. Look for consistency in the prints and wear minimal accessories for a sleeker look.

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5. Leggings as pants

leggings as pantsSource


Let me begin by saying: GIRLS, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! A pair of normal pants will shield your lady parts and will not reveal your Visible Panty Line (VPL) or worst, a camel toe. So get yourself decently dressed before heading out next time, thank you.


If you’re hellbent on wearing your favourite leggings, please pair them with an oversized sweater, long top or even a dress. As long as your decency – and our eyes – are protected, you’re good to go. To find the perfect balance between a pair of leggings and jeans, get the New Look Light Wash Jegging from ASOS for both comfort and trendiness.

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Victoria's secretSource


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