5 worst ways to break up

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In any relationship, both guy and girl will usually try their bets to make things work out between them, but there is some times whereby things just can’t, and that is the sign to break up. Breakups are definitely hard on everybody involved and could even traumatise some. But in the end, it depends on how you do break up. It could be peaceful, which is of course the best for everyone, yet it could also be hell and heart-wrenching, if you do it badly.

So here we have it, the five worst ways to break up which can end up as a nightmarish experience for all.

1) Facebook
In this technological age, it is very easy to post something on Facebook or change your relationship status. I mean, all you have to do is type something, click a few times, and you are done. So it is indeed easy to break up on Facebook. BUT one of the most stupid and inconsiderate way to do so! You see, when you dump someone by a mass newsfeed on Facebook or change relationship status, not only are you telling everyone you are a coward who don’t dare to say it in front of him or her, you are also letting all of their friends and family know it too. Okay, you are letting them go, but is there really a need to take their dignity with you too? I mean, who would like their break ups to be publicized in social media? Have you even thought about how upset and embarrassed they would be?

P.S.Whoever does this deserves a good fist to the face, in my opinion

2) Through a friend
Seriously? Are you still in primary school where you have to ask someone to do it for you? If you want to breakup, do it in person. Sending someone will only show 3 things. One, you are immature. Two, you have no guts. Three, you are not sincere about this relationship

3) Being mean to them to force them to break up
How is this okay? I mean, you want to break up, just be honest, let them know, and then move on. Why is there a need to come up with so much drama? Not only is this a very low move, how are you going to live with the fact and guilt that you have caused more pain than intended to them? For all you know, they might end up doing silly things, like committing suicide. If that really happens, you will never be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

4) Dragging it out
So either you are afraid of breaking their hearts or simply do not have the courage to say it to them, so you rather choose a route where both of you just don’t do anything and hope that the love will just fade out over time. Guess what? This thing only works in dramas, not in real life. By adopting this method, not only are you playing mind games on your partner and yourself, you are holding yourself and them back from embarking on a new relationship. You will just end up suffering more as compared to telling them directly.

We Chinese have this saying: 长痛不如短痛. This is what I meant. Rather than prolonging the pain, might as well just end it.

5) Via Text Message
Probably the most common break-up method used, it is also the most damaging method. I mean, all you need to do is just send a text message saying lets break up and you are done. But do you know how much pain you cause just by that one text message? Imagine you going out with your partner for like a year and all of a sudden, one day, you receive a text message from him/her saying; let’s break up. Just think, how confused and upset they will be? It’s like, their world is so perfect until you dropped the bomb on them and they don’t even know why or what hit them!

Not only is this cowardly, it is also rude and insensitive to their feelings. To them, you are just conveying the message that the relationship between both of you is just so unimportant and insignificant that you have to use something so insincere to end the relationship that he or she have once treasured so much and thought the world of.

Come on! Even if you don’t love them anymore, still your partner doesn’t deserve this kind of shit! If you want to break up, do it properly! DO NOT use such stupid methods to do so.


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