$50 for submitting articles to stomp: true or myth


Okay,this might be an utterly pointless post but aren’t you at all curious whether this is a myth or truth?

We’ve all been hearing about how you can earn S$50 by submitting news to stomp, but is it true? Most comments that we saw online is about people posting almost nonsensical things on stomp because of the lucrative $50.

It was said Stomp will give you $50 but only if your news submitted is news-worthy e.g. your submission actually makes it to mainstream media like The New Paper or Wan Bao.

On hardwarezone forum, a user stepped out to say that he stomped on a fatal accident that made it to Wan Bao, but he never received any money or vouchers.

Another user on reddit.com related his experience. He made up his own story and stomped himself and his friends which got onto the front page of stomp website. However, his school saw the post and took action and even the National Environment Agency got involved.

They had to apologise to the entire school and were given caning in front of everybody.  The clincher? He never got his money in the end.

On Sgclub forum, some users have said that the $50 given will be NTUC vouchers and mailed directly to you, but only if your entry gets through.

So what do you think?

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