55 answers to commonly asked questions during CNY by pesky relatives


Whether it’s a monthly family gathering or the annual CNY gathering, everyone is bound to have faced questions like these: “Boy arh, when are you going to get a girlfriend?” “Girl arh, your skirt very short leh.” “Boy arh, why you so thin?”

Since the beginning of mankind, youngsters all over the world have to come out with numerous ways to counter the questions. Sometimes, when they can’t, they’ll just swallow their pride and promise to do better next gathering.

Or sometimes, they just avoid it altogether.

Fret no more; there’s an app for it. Well, not exactly an app, but it works just like one for you to counter those canned questions, with answers literally on your phone.

Yeah, it’s aptly called “Why so kaypo”.

Why So Kaypoh from comwerks on Vimeo.

And in there, there’re 55 questions with countless answers to each one of them. Want to check out how sarcastic an answer could be? Here’s one example.



All you need to do is to go to http://www.whysokaypoh.com/ (remember to bookmark it) with your phone, and you’ll be able to walk into your relatives’ houses like a boss, even when you’re single, unemployed, have bad results and might have just the worst life ever.

Alternatively, you can just show the person your phone, and they’ll most likely get your hint.


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