6 absolutely worst timings to get your period that frustrates every girl


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

Let’s face it, girls. Periods are bad no matter how they start. But sometimes, the way your period start can make your world turn upside down.

In the middle of the night
Or like you just fell asleep? Like, what sorcery is this, bloody fluid? How can you! How dare you! The last thing you need to ruin your good night’s sleep when there is an important date/test/presentation tomorrow. You can’t just sleep through the night feeling the disgusting flow. But it’s just so tough to get up from your bed.

In the middle of an important appointment you can’t ditch
Like the final exams in your 4 years of college life? Or that interview session for a promotion? Or that proposal you have been waiting for? Just situations that have to last hours and you can’t even miss a moment of them. What else but to pray for a light flow with no cramps?

In the middle of a flight
Yeah, you’re all up there a few thousand kilometres up in the sky and you’re squeezed between 2 heavy sleepers. Be glad, there’s a toilet but know what? The feel of the gravity pull when you’re so high up in air.

Right before your swim
Like, hey, period, are you on your right mind? Can’t you have a better sense? I’m like all changed and ready to swim 10 laps. Or when you’re in your bikini by the beach and you period decided that it needs to be 1 week early this month because surprise, surprise? Wasted 1 month of effort to tone those abs.

Right after you bathe
Yucks, yucks, yucks, Totally hate this thing. Like a waste of time bathing. Waste of all that water too. 5 minutes after you change into a light-coloured newly bought underwear. Tell me a tragedy that can cause more tears.


When you are rocking in your white pants
Bloody pants. Let’s not even mention how you have to wash that pair you bought just 2 days ago. You are in public and you will be stared at. People will realise you’re on your period before you do. Maybe they’ll go “Ah, is that a new fashion trend? Interesting design?” And you’re all like, “Nah, it’s just tomato juice.” THE EMBARRASSMENT.

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