6 advantages of being single during Valentine’s Day

The greatest enemy to all singles is this: Valentine’s Day. During this day, singles have to find countless reasons to explain why they’re not attached, find things to do during that night and sometimes, even fantasize their crush having a nice dinner (I’m being generous to use this) with their loved ones.

There’s no need to feel lonely during this day. While you can’t use the excuse of “it’s weekday, so I’m not going out as I’ve to work / study the next day” this year as it falls on a Saturday, you can still do a lot of things. Don’t believe? Check it out.

1. Use the fastest Internet on this day
During this day, couples all over the world are doing something else other than using the Internet. So why not download the latest movies while you hit the record high for Internet speed? I know there are singles out there doing the same thing, but do the basic maths: in a relationship, two people are out. For a single, it’s mere one person. So maths has given you an advantage. Sort of.

2. Use this excuse to ask any girl or guy out
Just say, well, you’re single, so you just want go out. The chances are way higher now since other singles are more receptive to going out now—they don’t want to fall back on #1. So take the chance. You might not be single after that night.

3. Work part-time during this period to earn more money
If you’re a student, find a temporary job this Valentine’s Day. You’ll see that your pay will be doubled and while you’ll be depressed seeing happy couples around, at least you know they’re burning a hole in their pocket while you can buy the latest Samsung just by working for a night. Or two nights.

4. Log in to Facebook and see the number of singles who are depressed, too
Because trust me, you’ll see more singles online than the couple. Once a while, you’ll see a “check-ins” by couples, but that’s it. They’ve more important and spicy things to do, and they’ll sure not share that with others. In other words, yeah, Facebook will tell you that you’re not alone, and it makes you feel better!

5. Be happy that you’re not going to burn your wallet
Happiness is a choice, so choose to be happy: happy that you don’t have to spend so much on just one night. Next year, you might have a date, but this year, think of it as just another day. It is, after all, really just another day. No date? No problem. You can do the next step without having to return the favour. You know. 😉

6. DIY as many times as you like
If all things fail, just DIY. Twice if you want to. It’ll make you feel better to know that many people are doing the same thing, too. And you don’t have to please your partner. And you’ll have more muscles on your right hand.

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