6 amazing night markets in Bangkok that are so good, you’ll cry if you didn’t visit them


Last Updated on 2016-09-23 , 9:56 am

If you’ve not had any plans to go to Bangkok, you might be tempted to go once you’ve finished reading through this article. Bangkok is one of the favourite destinations for Singaporeans to go to, because it’s a paradise for shopping and makan-ing there. And of course, the stuff there are cheap as well.

Here are 6 amazing night markets in Bangkok so good that if you’ve not visited while you’re there, you’re going to cry with regret. We’re serious.

Saphan Phut Night Market

Image: goody25.com

If you’re looking for an experience different from the tourist one you’ve had so far, this night market would probably be the one you really want to go to. They’re not located near any tourist areas, and gives off it’s own unique vibe that no other places could replicate. If you’re tired of shopping, check out the Memorial Bridge nearby and stroll across the bridge, enjoying the beautiful night scene. From flowers at the nearby Flower Market to great deals, you’ll find everything you want to see here and more!

Khao San Night Market

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Image: goingplaces.sg

If you love partying and having a great night life, this would probably be the best place for you to be at. During the day, there’s cheap hotels and great international food like Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food among many others and amenities like ATM and pharmacies. At night, the sound of music and bars overtake the entire market.

Patpong Night Market

Image: goody25.com

In this night market, you can purchase almost everything, from Thai handicrafts to designer clothes and fake branded goods. Learn to haggle because if you’re good at it, you can get the purchases at half the original price. Of course, it’s an entertainment district and tourists well-versed with this area come for the adult entertainment. Make sure to ask about the “Ping Pong Show”.

Khlong Thom Night Market

Image: goody25.com

If you’re looking for retro and unique items, you’ll definitely be able to find them at this place. At night, you can browse through the old toys, retro prints, second-hand items, mobile phone’s spare parts, household items, and all the way to car parts available at the market. This night market is also known as the flashlight market because it would be great for you to bring a torchlight along to inspect the goods as some areas of the night market are known to be pretty dark. This night market offers you anything and everything from the bottom of their hearts, and it’s definitely worth a visit from you when you happen to be in Bangkok.


Ratchada Night Market

night bangkok 9
Image: bangkok.coconuts.co

If you’re looking for great deals and even better food, this is the place to go. It might be small, but it’ll probably take you about an hour to fully explore. Gorge yourself to your heart’s content and browse around the wares available for a happening night in Bangkok!

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