6 best fried rice in S’pore you must really makan before you die

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Rice is the staple food of Asians, and we love it. Go a few days without rice, and you’d have that niggling itch in your mouth that cannot be satisfied no matter how much great stuff you ate.

Want to know what’s better than rice? Yeah, it’s fried rice! Who would not love the taste of fried rice, straight from the wok into your mouth? Each grain a golden colour from the egg and fried together with ingredients like mock char siew, chicken, seafood, cereal, I could go on and on and on.

But I’ll stop here because this article isn’t about how good fried rice is. This article is about the 6 best fried rice you can find in Singapore.

(Disclaimer: This article is very opinionated, subjective and definitely not exhaustive so if you have eaten better fried rice than these six, feel free to let us know!)

Din Tai Feng (鼎泰豐)
When talking about delicious fried rice, how could we miss out Din Tai Feng? Known for their ‘yummy dumplings’ and amazing fried rice, this is one dish I never fail to order whenever I happen to dine there. Portions can be pretty small, but the taste, I felt, more than made up for everything else.

Seafood 51 @ Pioneer Junction
Okay, this is deep into the western territories of Singapore. This zi char stall is located at the corner of Food Plus Food Court at Pioneer Junction and their fried rice is frigging amazing. It’s fragrant, fluffy and the smell is tantalising. What’s even better? The price is pretty affordable as well. The only thing is you must eat the fried rice there because I have bought takeaway fried rice from them once and found it disappointingly normal.

Chen Fu Ji Fried Rice (Riverside Point)
This Cantonese restaurant built up its reputation with its fried rice, based on a family recipe cooked to perfection and has since expanded its menu to sell other food like paper-wrapped chicken and seafood. If comments online are to be believed, their fried rice are amazing but their prices can be pretty steep.

Taste of Thailand
Previously located at Sembawang Shopping Centre, this Thailand food stall has since moved to Yishun Industrial Food Centre and is well-known for their Thai cuisine. Our writer in the office couldn’t stop gushing about their pineapple fried rice and salted fish fried rice. We shall not bore you with what he said, but we’ll tell you the gist: you have to go there and try it now.

Mini Wok Zhi Char @ Westgate Food Republic
At first glance, you’d never have thought that anything noteworthy can be found at this unassuming stall in Food Republic @ Westgate, but try their century egg fried rice and let me know your thoughts again. While it seemed as though the cook simply toss the rice in and fry it any-old-how, the end result is un-un-un-un-unbelievable.

Somerset Delicacies @ Maxwell Food Centre
And last but not least, Maxwell Food Centre. When we talk about authentic, delicious hawker fare, how could we miss out this wonderful place? This stall has gone unnoticed following the hype about chicken rice and porridge at this food centre, but if you’re for a quick, affordable fix of delicious fried rice, this is the stall to go to. Located at the stretch just opposite the famous Deep fried sweet potato balls, this stall has different types of fried rice you can choose from, from spicy belachan to salted fish fried rice. What you’ll get is a plate of greasy, oily fried rice that you will never get enough of, healthy diet be damned.

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