6 best places for a first date with less than $10 per person in S’pore


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

So, you’ve mustered enough courage to ask the girl of your dreams out. But you’re  a student with a very limited budget: considering the fact that you might need to pay for the entire date, and you’ve got only $20, where should you bring her to? Here’re some suggestions—not based solely on cost but also effectiveness of paving the way for a second date!

Go to a museum
Other than the Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa that costs more, the other museums in Singapore have either free entry or a relatively low entry fee. The best part about going to a museum is that firstly, you’ll have the chance to show the intellectual side of you (just remember to do some research prior to that). Secondly, you’ll have many things to talk about. So, why not?

Go to any of the Nparks parks
There’re many for you to choose from: from Kent Ridge Park to Labrador Park. Best part of parks (pun intended!)? It’s free. You’ll also see many other couples around—a clear indication to your date that hey, that’s our near future!

Go to Gardens by the Bay
If a Nparks park isn’t atas enough, Gardens by the Bay would be. Filled with seats seemingly made for couple (just for two!), you can admire the view and take a rest if your legs are tired. Being immersed with beautiful flowers just brings out that “fewling”—and even if you want to, you can go up the treetop walkway that cost less than $10 per person!

Go for a hike
You know, like those hikes in The Amazing Race, whereby you carry a backpack and walk trails inside a forest? If you think there isn’t any in Singapore, you’re dead wrong: MacRitchie Reservoir is one. You’ll be surrounded by monkeys and birds you’ve never seen before, and you’ll take rest points just to reach the bridge that has a stunning view. That’s also when you showcase your concern for her: carry her bag, help her through rough terrain and lead her. After all, you’ve been through worse in NS, right? Trust us: those hikes in Singapore are nothing compared to chionging in NS.

Go to East Coast Park or West Coast Park
Many relationships are formed in these two areas for a good reason: it is a loooooooooong walk regardless of where you go. Looking at the horizon adds a few points, discussing about your future here adds more points and seeing the sunset together just makes the relationship closer. For all you know, you can have your first date here and make it official.


Go to any of these places
We’ve written an article about the 10 things you can do in Singapore if you have got only $5. Why not just choose one of them for your date?

Of course, some of the suggestions here require almost close to nothing. If so, spend your $20 on some good food with your date—for you need energy to build that relationship!

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