6 best places to have your tom yum soup in S’pore

Tom yum soup, deceptively clear when served but behind its innocuous appearance, is bursting with flavors. It’s always been said that the clearer the tom yum served, the more dangerous it is, at least in terms of sourness and spiciness.

So, are you a fan of Tom Yum soup? If you are, here are 6 best places to dine at for the best tom yum soup in Singapore, or at least, according to us that is.

Nakhon Kitchen
Having two outlets in Singapore at Bedok and Hougang, beware of the deceptively clear Tom Yam soup served at this casual Thai restaurant. Cooked by Thai chefs, this authentic spicy soup will definitely be a hit if you’re a fan of spicy food; the soup comes generously loaded with freshly chosen ingredients like chicken or seafood and will get you hooked from your first mouth, either that or get knocked out.

Sin Lai Lai Snack House
Located at Golden Mile complex, this complex is the capital of all things Thai-related in Singapore. Sin Lai Lai Snack house might be one of the more underrated Thai food eatery in Golden Mile, but they were featured on Lady Iron Chef’s website as providing one of the best Tom Yum Seafood in Singapore.

Nana Thai Restaurant
Another eatery located at Golden Mile Complex, this restaurant offers authentic Thai dishes that’s guaranteed to bring you to the streets of Bangkok. Known for offering their food at affordable prices, their Tom Yum soup is a must-order whenever you visit this eatery.

Thai Gold Food
Another eatery that’s pretty popular with Singaporeans, they are located in Sunshine plaza and are known for offering their food at very reasonable prices. They’re small and pretty run-down, but no one can accuse them of cooking their Tom Yum soup wrong.

Jai Thai Restaurant
For our Muslim friends, here’s a certified halal Thai food eatery for you. This eatery prides itself on its authentic Thai food, and even offer set meals that are value for your money. Offering an expansive menu that’s guaranteed to leave you spoilt for choice, their Tom Yum soups is one of the must-try dishes in the establishment.

First Thai Restaurant
Located on Purvis Street, we aren’t sure if they are really the first Thai restaurant to land on the shores of Singapore, but one thing we have to say, they are old and is well-known in Singapore for offering no-frills Thai cuisine at affordable prices. Their service is said to be extremely bad, but even so, the food just keeps customers coming back for more, especially their Tom Yum Seafood.


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