6 Cafes in S’pore That Cost Less Than $15 Per Pax

In recent years, the cafe culture in Singapore has gotten real big. Even if you aren’t a cafe-goer, you would have noticed that the cafes are apparently, very good money-making machines, what with cafes popping up everywhere you go.

Here are some of the cheapest cafes that you can go to and you only need to pay up to $15 per pax, depending on what you order! They don’t charge GST either.

Drury Lane

Image: eatprayflying.com
Image: eatprayflying.com

$6 for a slice of cake may not be cheap to some but considering that majority of cafes are selling their cakes at $8 per slice or more, it is pretty darn affordable. Furthermore, the cakes that they offer are unique and delicious. Think about enjoying their Nutella chocolate tart, carrot cake, and banana bread at money-saving prices.

Their salted egg yolk Eggs Benedict is also highly raved by various local food blogs. Props for coming up with such an inventive dish, Drury Lane!

Where: 94 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088515
Opening hours: 8AM to 10PM

Clueless Goat

Image: oncoffeemakers.com
Image: oncoffeemakers.com

This cafe may seem like your typical Singaporean cafe with hanging light bulbs and a chalkboard menu as decor at first glance which may cause you to think that they are just another cafe trying to jump on the cafe culture bandwagon.

But unlike their decor, the coffee at Clueless Goat is going to make you nod in agreement. After all, the owners of Clueless Goat worked as baristas at Penny University, a cafe in the east known for their coffee. However, if you are the sort who’d get a headache from coffee, you could try their signature British Breakfast Platter which is the most expensive dish in the entire cafe but only costs $13.80!

Where: 189 Thomson Road, Singapore 307631
Opening hours: 8AM to 9PM

One Man Coffee

Image: pinkypiggu.com
Image: pinkypiggu.com

One Man Coffee is definitely true to its name because their coffee is so good that you probably not want to share. Imagine enjoying a cup of flat white at only $4.50 while tapping on the cafe’s free wi-fi and texting your friends about how they are missing out. Sounds like a satisfying way to spend your weekend afternoons.

One Man Coffee is also known for their French Toast, served with toasted bananas, with a side of fresh cream and salted caramel. Oh, and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream too! Not to mention, their Gashouse Eggs are also top-notch.

Where: 215R Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349
Opening hours: 9AM to 5PM

Ciel Patisserie

Image: misstamchiak.com
Image: misstamchiak.com

If you are the sort who would rush forward to check out the cakes whenever you are at a cafe, Ciel Patisserie might just be Heaven for you. With cakes more beautiful than you are, one would expect their prices to be sky high but surprisingly, they are very affordable at about $5 to $7 per tart/cake.

Chocolate lovers should definitely order their Bombe – a rich chocolate mousse, dome-shaped cake with a crispy hazelnut base. They also have a gluten-free chocolate cake made with rich, high-quality chocolate and grounded almonds though it is only sold whole at $58.

Where: 124 Hougang Avenue 1, Singapore 530124
Opening hours: 11AM to 8PM (Tues to Thurs), 11AM to 9PM (Fri to Sat), 3PM to 9PM (Sun)

Bread Yard

Image: cavinteo.blogspot.com
Image: cavinteo.blogspot.com

Contrary to their name, Bread Yard doesn’t only sell bread. They all sorts of dishes that you’d expect to see at a cafe, from all-day breakfast to pancakes and bread puddings! People who constantly have trouble deciding what to order can go ahead with their Scrambled Eggs with Everything which, as its name suggests, consists of almost everything they have with a side of scrambled eggs and it is only $15.

But of course, the star of the show is still their bread. They are made with no preservatives and in a claypot in order to simulate the traditional wood-fire oven baking. If you were wondering, no. Their bread isn’t expensive and are barely over $10 for an entire loaf.

Where: #01-23/24, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis, Singapore 138632
Opening hours: 8AM to 7PM

23 Jumpin

Image: suchafatty.com
Image: suchafatty.com

No, this cafe isn’t paying homage to the movie 21 Jump Street or 22 Jump Street. It is simply a name inspired by the ever-mysterious number ’23’. Upon entering the cafe, one might realise that there is barely any furniture in the rather narrow space, but that’s because the owner mentioned that he would prefer to save money on decor so he can provide cheap meals for his customers.

What the owner said is true. With their perfectly done pork goulash stew at only $12 and their My Jumpin’ Ultimate Breakfast which serves bakwa-like bacon, scrambled eggs, juicy bratwurst sausage at only $15, there really isn’t much to pick on.

Where: #01-25, 1 Irving Place, The Commerze Building, Singapore 369546
Opening hours: 11AM to 9PM (Tues to Sun), 11AM to 2PM (Mon)

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