6 cool things we used to do with our phones that youngsters won’t understand

Before iPhone and Samsung sneak into our lives, we used to do interesting things with our phones. Have you used, or come across, any one of these?

1.Composing ringtones with Nokia handphones
Want a new ringtone? No, we did not used to download. We composed. Yeah, for people born in 1990s, you’ve read it right. We compose our own ringtones, from Right Here Waiting to Only Love. Just that composing meant going online and checking what to press. It’s still considered composing, eh?

2.SMSes were four-liner
Why do I remember? Actually, who won’t? The four lines, if aligned precisely, can look like an image—a Christmas tree during Christmas, firecrackers during Chinese New Year… Yeah, long ago, sending an image meant sending a four-line SMS. WhatsApp? What’s that?


The grandfather of candy and birds is a snake. It trains a person’s focus. Trust me—I’ve missed a few bus stops because of Snake before.

4.Nokia 8210 Lights & Buzzer
The phone that rung the loudest is the winner. The most stylo-milo person must have lights that “run” on and off on his or her 8210. Beep beep, beep beep. Beep beep beep, bee bee, bee bee bee. Beep beep beep, bee bee, bee bee bee. You remember, don’t you?

5. Colourful Exchangable Casings
Bought a blue Nokia 8210 and don’t like it? No worries. You can get a red casing from pasar malam. Get sick of it after two months? Want something unique? No worries. There’s even a transparent casing

6. SMS
A long time ago, sending a short message means using a service known as SMS. Telecom plans usually have call time, number of S…wait. Have we reached that stage?