6 credit cards in Singapore with the best discounts


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Credit cards are a dime a dozen these days and a bank has more options than you can wave a finger at. What’s the point of owning one if the benefits aren’t up to par? These are some cards that offer the best discounts, be it for petrol or for day-to-day shopping.

1. Citi DIVIDEND Card
Think more than 20% off every time you top up your car’s tank at ESSO or Shell. That’s a huge discount and may even encourage you to drive more. For people constantly on the move, this is a credit card you must-have, unless you prefer the petrol at other stations. Other discounts include 5% off groceries and health/beauty/pharmaceutical products and 2% off your bill when dining.

2. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
If rebates and entertainment deals are your main concern when choosing a credit card, HSBC’s Visa Platinum Credit Card has you covered. You receive up to 5% in cash rebates on all groceries spent and at all Caltex or Shell stations. Additionally, you get up to 2% in rebates from dining. There are deals for Golden Village movie tickets and Adventure Cove tickets too.

3. ANZ Optimum World MasterCard Credit Card
A great all-around card, be it for petrol or dining discounts. How you receive cash rebates is up to your shopping habits. If you’re constantly using your card for groceries, you can select that category and receive 5% in rebates, with 1% received for the other categories (Shopping, Dining, Leisure, etc). You can change this preference every 3 months so don’t worry about being stuck with one.

4. Citi Clear Card
For tertiary students, there is no minimum income required, so this would probably be your first credit card. The benefits aren’t shabby either, granting free entry to Zouk from Wednesdays to Saturdays and up to 10% in rebates from over 700 merchants such as Burger King or Starbucks.

5. American Express Platinum Credit Card
One of the most well-known cards and with good reason. You receive complimentary dining memberships, giving you discounts of up to 50% at selected restaurants and special dining offers at several dining establishments in five-star hotels. If you’re an entertainment junkie, you receive complimentary drinks at selected bars and priority treatments and discounts at Cathay cinemas.


6. POSB Everyday Card
This is a card geared towards middle-income Singaporeans, but the benefits are valuable nonetheless. You receive up to 6% in cash rebates from local brands such as Sheng Siong, Popular and Starhub, to name a few. Through all categories, there is a 0.3% cash rebate and the low annual fee sweetens the deal further.

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