6 creepiest websites that you really shouldn’t visit at night

With technology, thrill-seekers have one more place to go: the Internet. But these websites are so creepy, scary and crazy, you should only view them during the day. We mean it.

Because some of these websites are so bizarre and sometimes disturbing, we’ve decided not to link them as you might accidentally go to the website and go apeshit after that. So if you’re really interested in viewing them, just Google them.

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost
If you ever wanted to feel that your computer is haunted, here’s one website. We won’t want to spoil too much about it, but here’s one simple warning: don’t ever try opening it at night, or if you’re alone. If not, you might just paste a talisman on your monitor.

Staggering Beauty
On the surface, it looks normal—it’s just a black worm that follows you where your cursor go. But if you swing your mouse left and right fast enough, it’ll go apeshit. Just remember this: don’t go there if you’ve any form of epilepsy.

Here’s what they say: reading this website will make you think that the Matrix does exist and that you live in a simulated world. The reason why the argument is so strong is that it’s actually started by a professor at Oxford University. Yeah.

A collection of urban legends in the world, you’ll get to read the comprehensive list of horror stories that will make your hair stand. Like what YouTuber Matthew Santoro says, it’s almost like a collection of stories told during campfire—just that instead of listening to it, you’re reading it.

Sfogs (hungzai)
The Singapore version of Creepypasta, this website has a collection of paranormal encounters that occurred in Singapore. Or if you want to, you can call it the online version of True Singapore Ghost Stories.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Right from the moment we thought of this topic, we know we have to include this here. Why, you might ask. Either you’re creepy, or your friends are creepy. So if you don’t find anyone creepy, you know what’s happening…

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