6 Cruelest Things S’poreans Have Done

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Singapore is known to everybody around the globe as one of the safest countries in the world. But we also have our fair share of bone-chilling crimes ever committed in our little red dot.

Sex crime against minors

Perhaps one of the worst sex crimes committed against young boys was by 31-year-old Yap Weng Wah. Between 2009 and 2012, Yap preyed on young boys online by approaching them with different identities.

After persuading them to meet him, he coaxed the young boys, aged between 11 and 15, to perform sexual acts with him at various locations, both private and public. Yap also recorded all of the acts he committed in his phone, labelled with the name and age of each of the boys with the location where it was performed at.

When police officers searched his home, they found at least 2,000 of such clips stored on his personal laptop. The man will be charged with 64 charges whereby 63 are for sexual penetration of a minor while the remaining one is for persuading a minor to commit sexual acts.

Oldest murderer in Singapore

80-year-old Char Chin Fah was arrested and charged with murdering his daughter-in-law in August 2014. His 54-year-old daughter-in-law, Ong Guat Leng, was found dead in her bedroom by one of her daughters and was believed to have been repeatedly hit with a metal rod.

Double deaths

In 2014, the police were called in when a fight was reported in the wee hours of the night. Upon reaching a flat in Ang Mo Kio, the police witnessed 51-year-old Andrea Tay Su Lin jumping to her death from her flat, severing her legs in the process.

A search of her home revealed the lifeless body of Tay’s 75-year-old mother, Rosaline Lim, who had 100 stab and cut wounds found on her, all inflicted by a knife and a chopper. The victim also had a missing left lung that, to this date, is still missing.

The police also found an eyeball and a severed tongue on the grass patch near the flat the next day. It was said that Tay was mentally unsound and often harboured thoughts of murdering her mother whom she blamed for her grandmother’s death.

Geylang Bahru murders

Back in 1979, the severely dismembered corpses of four children from the Tan family were found in a flat in Geylang Bahru, stacked up on top of one another in the bathroom. The four children were aged between 5 to 10 years old and the crime was committed when their parents were out at work.

Each child had a minimum of 20 slash wounds on their body. The youngest child had slash wounds on her face while the eldest son had his right arm nearly cut off, dangling by some skin.

Two weeks after the murders, the grieving couple received a card that said “now you can have no more children, ha-ha-ha” in Mandarin and signed off “the murderer”, signifying that the murderer had knowledge of the mother’s sterilisation surgery. Till date, the murder has yet to be solved.

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The gift of body parts

A resident of the Chong Pang area of Yishun found dismembered parts of a kitten (head, legs, and tail) along the corridor outside his flat in 2013. This was just one example of the many cases of cat abuse that happened in the neighbourhood though this was the worst.

In 2011, three cats were found dead. The cats were suspected to have been thrown out of a window from a height.

Huang Na murder case

In 2004, the murder of 8-year-old Huang Na was the topic of many Singaporeans and news outlets in the country. The corpse of Huang was found stuffed in a box at Telok Blangah Hill Park, about 20 days after she was reported missing by her mother.

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A man by the name of Took Leng How was arrested and charged with the murder. He was found to have lured Huang into a storeroom where he stripped and sexually assaulted her before eventually killing her.

It was also reported that he smothered and stomped on the girl to ensure her death and afterwards, stuffed her body into 9 layers of plastic bags and placed into a sealed cardboard box.


A psychiatrist, however, argued that Took was schizophrenic and had no motive for the murder. Took was eventually found guilty of murder and sentenced to death in 2005.

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