6 easy ways to know a woman’s age without asking

Okay, so you just got to know a girl and would like to find out her age. Asking directly seems a little rude—so what should you do?

Here are a few ways to know her age without offending her (if she seems offended at it, that is!).

1. Get her to be your friend in Facebook
Granted that not everyone would have disclosed their age on Facebook, but it’s actually relatively easy to find a person’s age even when it’s not on her “About <Name>” section.

Remember how Facebook tells the world about your birthday? Just scroll down in her Facebook wall and see what her friends wrote for her birthday. Chances are one of them would have “accidentally” penned a “Happy 30th birthday!”

2. Ask for her email
Let’s say you’re registering for an email and your name is Tan Ah Kow. When you realize that tanahkow (at) gmail.com is taken, what would you do? Add your birth year in. So when you see a tanahlian1980, you can deduce that she’s most likely 35. But just a disclaimer, though: some people tend to put their favourite number behind instead. So bo bao, okay?

3. Ask her which school she was from
This must be done so discreetly that she’ll not even suspect anything. Firstly, just make this conversation as casual as possible—you know, the “so, what school were you from?” Once you get into it, you can then slowly progress to knowing more about the school.

There would have been many changes now and then—for example, if she used a farecard during her secondary school, she would have to be more than 30 years old.  You’re still inferring, but it’s a fairly better guess!

4. Ask her when she graduated and started her first job
It’s 2015 now, and if she said she started work at 2010, and she is a graduate, you would know that she is around 26 to 28 years old since most graduates would have graduated when they were around 21 to 23. It’s all about maths after that!

5. LinkedIn search her
The primary objective of a LinkedIn account is to be found by prospective employers—a digital CV. And what’s in a CV? You’ve guessed it right: age, right to the exact date of birth.

6. Google her
Have you heard of this before: “Google knows you better than you know yourself?” While people nowadays are leaving lesser digital footprints, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate them. #1, #2 and #5 all leave digital footprints, and we’ve yet to include blogs created when she was a young girl, inactive social media accounts or maybe even an old YouTube video of her introducing herself. And of course, who could forget online forums that were so hot then?

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